747-8F / 747-400F – First work with the nose

Starting to work on the nose for the 747-8F/747-400F cargo detail set. The grey colour is due putty being diluted to create a somewhat texture to the interior. Note that the 16 latches that keep the nose tight on the real aircraft have also been added here.

Floor is still not added as well as some other vertical bars that go across the end of the nose.

I plan to make the flaps of the nose with photo etched.

Painting and decaling guide


I have recently finished the guide I was working on alongside the China Airlines A350 build. I truly hope it can be of help, I know most of us modelers know these basic steps, but I tried to give some tips on mistakes and problems I found during the time, so I hope you won’t come accross with them and avoid issues on your model.

Lastly, I would like to comment that  I am working on two new A350 liveries and will upload the profile images in the next week.

Click on below image to download the PDF guide:

Important change on Livery decals

Hello guys,

This post may contradict the previous one, but I think it will be a benefit for everybody interested in the livery decals.

During these last days of reflexion, I have been thinking on the livery decals and the quantities that were sold so far. So I think that it is the correct time to take the decision to order them directly from the printing company (Rob at Wessex Transfers) and make this investment in order to ship them directly from Spain with reduced shipping costs as well as quicker delivery times due geographical location.

Rob does a great job with his printer, and I also wanted to reduce his workload. He will focus entirely on printing instead of carrying customer’s orders as well. So at this point he will have to print and ship the stock directly to me.

This is also another way to ensure everything is correct, as four eyes can see more than two, and those who have ordered from me (Spain) have a reference on delivery times.

It is also good for combined items, for example; if you buy the WiFi radome and a decal sheet, there won’t be two shipments required, although I may just include a small handling fee to cover some of the shipping costs for bringing the decal stock from Australia to Spain.
However, since several decals can be shiped maintaining the same cost, this handling fee will be very small.

The only negative aspect that comes to mind is that the stock may be low as there will be two or four prints from each decal, depending on the stock conditions/selling rate of a determined decal, there will be more or less re stocking of it.

Still, even a decal is out of stock, I would re stock it together with upcoming liveries so that the shipping is profitable.


Lastly, I am studying the option of purchasing a module that permits the customer to receive a notification email once an item is back in stock (and the customer registered for it to be notified).
It is something new for me so I will take a look into this and hopefully make the store more complete.

Thank you all for your patience!

Best wishes,

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