B737 cockpit progress – end side of the sidewalls

Hello all,

I wanted to give a small update on the 1/12 B737 cockpit project. This time I have made the main structure of the end side of the sidewalls, which basically is about half of the sidewall. If I am not mistaken that compartment is the stowage for the captain and first officer luggage.

Everything done so far is just basic shape. I still have to add other details and parts, but since this has to be casted later, I have to plan ahead which parts must be glued together and which should be casted separately.

Looking at the photo with the panel at the front, you can see that the two sidewalls create a kind of curvature towards the panel. That will be the next step to do, I will create that round edge going on top of the sidewalls to meet where the glareshield/autopilot will go. Part of this edge is the window rail so it will be very interesting to see what is the space I leave behind as I am considering making the nose shell, that definitely would be a BIG challenge.

I have to say that I am using lots of references from several different sources, however, there is a source which is the main line in this project. My friend Philippe is helping me a lot during this project as with his help I am able to see things coming directly from the real thing.
There are lots of great simmers who made incredibly simulation cockpits and sometimes I do use their measurements for some specific things (mainly angles), but, I always confirm this from images of the real cabin.

I want to move forward this week with the 747 cargo project so I am already planning how to start the rear cargo holds.

Finally, the decal provider has shipped me back the 8 micron decal papers and I hope to print the upcoming new liveries for next month, kudos to him for solving the issue I explained in my previous post.

Wish you all a nice week!


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Decals temporarily unavailable till next week

Hello all,

Just wanted to inform that during the next week all livery decals will be unavailable due provider mishap, they will be back in stock again in 7 days (if shipping is as it should).

I do keep my raw materials in stock and calculate when to buy more as I keep a balance of sales/materials, everything would have been just in time but the provider sent me 13 micron decal paper instead of the 8 micron ones. To me, it is important to use the right materials for the right things, even though the 13 micron is a standard decal paper which is still very good, the numerous small tiny decals are best printed with the 8 micron thin decal film.

I know some may think that I should keep more material quantities but to be honest, this year, customs are killing me.
I do not want to talk about politics cause this is a modelling blog, but to be honest, I used to buy a raw material from a country whereas now it would be impossible to do without rising my item prices.

I researched and researched and found another place where, being a bit more pricey, there isn’t any custom problems, still, producing these model kits with the best materials I can find (still using since I begun) and with the strong headed mind that I am not going to rise prices on my items.

For many years buying overseas, this never happened before, now for everything coming outside the UE I have to pay 21% tax over the total package value (item + shipping) and another aditional 19 Euro just because the guys handle the paperwork at the airport.
If that is fair or unfair I am not going to debate it, but I just wanted to mention that prices aren’t going to change as I am at the moment, finding those materials closer to me.

Again, apologies for the delay on the decals, sometimes things do not depend on ourselves, but to counteract this issue, I am doing my best with new liveries that I plan to release on next month.

Thank you all for the understanding!

Best wishes,

PS: Starting to work with the remaining half of both sidewalls on the B737 cockpit, photos and an update this weekend!

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B737 cockpit progress – starting to adjust MIP-Sidewalls

Hello all,

Just a quick update this weekend.

I haven’t had enough time for more, but I am finally starting to adjust something that was bothering me very much. I started to adujst the union between the side walls and the main instrument panel.
I have added a plastic extension so that the panel joins together with the side walls, there is another thing I must do in order to adjust it a little bit more.

Circled in white there is an area that is slightly lower in comparison to the other side, so I am also adjusting that.

The next step that I will do is to make the windows support that goes on each side so that I can have a reference point at the moment of making the glareshield.
This work will flow downwards and will end in the extension of the side walls that is yet to be made.

I am going to be working on this during this week and I hope to upload more images soon.

Thinking ahead, once the main shape of the sidewalls and the windows/railing are made, I would like to focus in one particular panel (the radio/com panel) with the idea of finishing it, with the buttons and all the other elements. Reason for this being that after this long time working mainly on structures, I want to do something different and see which level of detail I can put in it, to me it will be a guideance, an example, of how all the other areas should look like.

Wish you all a nice week,

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