1/144 Catering truck new chassis (3)

Hello everybody,

I have been working on one of my 1/144 catering trucks because I wanted to do a finished version with the new chassis model.

The new chassis is very fun to build and I am currently half way finishing the model, I am also taking this oportunity to take photos during the process to aid on the building (although there are plenty of detailed drawings in the instructions) and specially to show which parts I prefer to paint first and then join them together.

I will publish the process photos here in the blog in a few days once I finish the model, my goal is to complete it this week.

The compartment here is placed just to see the effect, but the whole model still requieres more work, no matt varnish has been applied yet.

The first units with this new chassis were released a few days ago and run out of stock recently, therefore I am currently starting to prepare the next batch.
This time in the product page, I specified that if anyone wants a custom decal for the catering or AST-1 pushback, it is now possible.

I am also looking forward to retake the current projects after I finish this catering truck model. As I mentioned in the past, the 747 cargo deck set will also bring new GSE models, so I am going to be working on them alongside the cargo set. Currently working on the AFT cargo holds of the 747-8F.

Best wishes,

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1/144 Catering truck new chasis (2)

Hello all,

Just a quick update to say that by the end of this week, between next Thursday/Friday I will be restocking the 1/144 AST-1 and the 1/144 catering truck.

I’ve been working on a new chasis which was build having in mind a better casting process later on. For this reason, several things had to be redesigned in the instructions and hence the delay on the re stocking of these items.

As I am getting deeper in the livery decals, I will be incorporating the 13micron (standard/normal/regular) decal paper on decals that are quite big as I’ve seen several airliners that have a big portion of the fuselage with an artwork. The 8 micron decal paper is perfect for small and medium decals, but those that cover a bigger area of the fuselage will be printed on the 13 micron (normal) decal paper.

I have been thinking about providing the decals with both paper types, but currently it is not within my capabilities and the 8 micron decal paper is just perfect for those small to medium sized decals.

Wish you all a nice week and hopefully I can give a better update on the current projects, but I am waiting to have more progress made to upload here that can be at least, worth the upload.


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June livery decal releases – Catering truck new chasis

Hello everyone,

These are June’s new livery decal releases which include some special and new A350-900’s:

Evelop A350

Japan Airlines JA01XJ (Red titles “Challenge”) JA02XJ (Grey titles “Innovation”) and JA03XJ (Green titles “Eco”)

Air China A350 with the Star Alliance livery:

And two A320Neos:

Lufthansa A320Neo “New livery scheme”

EasyJet “Neo” titles


At the same time I wanted to mention that I am currently working on a new chasis for the 1/144 catering truck. Reason for this being several mishaps in the casting process that lead me to design a new chasis that could allow a) a better experience, b) a more solid and stright forward system and c) a better/easier casting process.

This was due wrong preparation of the original parts prior creating the molds, this time I decided to use a “roller” system which is very similar to the actual sill mechanism on the real catering trucks. Will post pictures of a finished chasis/truck with these new parts and update the instruction illustrations.

Wish you all a happy weekend!

Best wishes,


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