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Hello all,

Spain is little by little allowing more movements for the population, and the government has started the downscaling, or the different phases for starting to go back to “normal”.

I have been checking more information from the post services and I am going to be shipping again soon. Shipping costs will be the same since upon further research, the shipping methods from the store will still be the same. Also, checking again the countries where we are allowed to ship to seems to not to be an issue, since basically most of the countries where I usually ship are available.

Shipping times will change however, either from our local post services and from your country’s postal services. In front of a situation like this, it is normal that some short delays may occur, but that does not need to be necessarily the case.

Another thing that will change are the maximum shipping days after an order has been placed. I have always went to ship the orders as quick as possible, 3 days maximum being 2 days the average time taken to finish preparing and shipping an order. However, this will change since I will mainly use two days a week to ship orders. What does this mean? It means that I will be shipping orders on Tuesdays and Fridays.

Why? For starters, on Saturdays (and of course Sundays) the post offices remain closed which they were open on Saturdays in the past. Then, because the post services are working with what they call ” the indispensable” workers, only two clerks are working at the office. This translates to longer queues, and at this moment, and because one must keep a distance of 1,5m from each other, queues can surround the block.
This also happens because they have set a maximum capacity of the office of two persons at the same time, so by going as early as possible I can make sure I will be on time and by shipping those two days of the week also to try to minimize the contact with other people.

I chose those two days because I think they are distributed better during the week, on Mondays there are usually more people, so I think these days are well distributed for shipping orders, since ordering on Tuesday will allow me to ship on Friday (3 days) and ordering on Friday will allow me to ship on Tuesday.

I may of course do exceptions depending on the orders, so if there are several to ship, I may then ship another day of the week.

So basically, there won’t be much changes, but it is more a prevention for me to go there as sparse as possible to avoid contact.


Now on regards when I will be shipping orders again, this will be between 2 to 3 weeks from now. Some items are ready, but I am finishing units of other models, and as I always say, I like to make units of all the items if possible, so that it allows the customer to chose and avoid having to pay two shippings if I upload an item a few days later.

All GSE and figures will be available, plus the 1/200 AST-1 F 600 pushback and most possibly the 1/200 Houcin GPU. From the new items, those that will be ready at the same time will be both Neo engines, the new spotters’ figures, and hopefully the new A330 sharklets, A350 sharklets. The 787-10 fuselage extensions will have to wait a little bit.

It is a little harder at the moment since in one hand, some materials arrive to me quite fast, some others are taking a few days more, but I am doing the best I can so  that while I wait for one material, I prepare other things. I buy the silicone and polyurethane resin from one place, the photosensitive resin from another, the brass sheets from another, the decal paper from another…

Luckily, I have been able to find gloves, which when making the photo etched parts is something that you must wear otherwise… well… bad things would happen. Next issue may be finding more alcohol 96, but at the moment I have enough to keep going.


That is all with this update, things seem to start to get back to “normal” little by little, I am preparing as many things as I can, so that between 2 to 3 weeks, all can be ready.

Best wishes and thank you for reading,

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Long time no see: updates and news

Dear all,

First entry in a long time, how is everybody doing?

I suppose, most of you are staying at home, it is unfortunate from my side that I can’t ship items that I am currently preparing during this time, but I think that health is first thing, for everybody, for me, for people at the post office, for workers… so I am reducing as much as I can the chances to go out.
Specially, because I really can’t ship orders normally. The postal service is in “minimum” acceptance only, some countries are not allowed to ship to, only one shipping method is available, thus there are many complications that in this situation, I just prefer to wait and dedicate this time to new items and prepare units. If this situation with the postal services is not going to change in some time, I will have to change shipping methods of the online store, but then again, some countries are not allowed to, and delays may occur in this current situation.

Trying to make a good use of this valuable time, I am trying to keep a positive mind all these days and working on new things, situation is getting better very very slowly here, but we must not get too confident.

I am currently preparing GSE units, so that everything can be available as soon as things can get back to normal little by little.

There are however, some new items that will also be available at that time, these are:

– Both, LEAP-1A and P&W Neo engines, including PE and decals. More photos of them assembled to be published soon.

– A set of 6 new figures; this time spotters, so there will be a few photographers taking photos of your models at the ramp.

– New A350 sharklets with correct airfoil. Revell kit wing is not that good, so sanding down the wing will be required (as instructions will explain). This sharklet is intended for A350-900 models fitted with the new sharklet type which is the standard for the A350-1000.

– New A330, A340 sharklet with airfoil. The A330 sharklet from Revell’s kit presents some issues, it is basically flat and smaller, so these new sharklets will have an actual airfoil as the real model does. Note that positioning of the sharklets on the wingtip is also incorrect on Revell’s model. Photos of this once I have more progress.

– New 787-10 fuselage extensions for 787-8 model kit (Zvezda). I have been working on something new and little by little getting into fuselage matters for future transformation kits.
This two fuselage extensions will also include transparent windows, however, it may not yet be ready once I can ship orders again, but it will definitely be shortly afterwards. Again, photos of this once I have more progress.

– 1/200 GSE items, the towbarless pushback AST-1 F 600 will be ready as well, the first prototype has been finished. This model is a very special one for me, this time it will include decals besides the small PE sheet. I am also testing the Houchin GPU C690 which may also be one of the other 1/200 GSE models to be released simultaneously.
From this point, further models currently in 1/144 scale will be produced in 1/200.

I have to say that this truck is quite small, working now in 1/200 makes things harder to do, but there are several improvements  over the first version I made some years ago. This one actually includes the rear signals and the driving mirrors are solid. Due the size of the parts, spares will be included.

There are going to be other projects for airplane transformation parts and engines, but at the moment, I would like to resume some current projects:

– The 1/12 B737 cockpit is progressing very well, the sidewall is almost done, work with the main panel has been started. Being able to do this project with the computer is very helpful for both, accuracy and work time. I am using lots of reference photos that my good friend Philippe has provided me, and there will be as many options as I can spot, such as different clock gauge and buttons.

– The B747-8F/-400F project is going to have a very big change. I am facing two difficulties, one is that I am considering how to do this so that it can work for the Revell and Zvezda models, since both have an overall similar shape, they have very different underbelly parts and wing joints.

The second issue would be the main deck, which can be difficult to add if the fuselage is not well prepared.
So, what I am considering to do is create a new fuselage. It will be an hybrid, one for Revell’s model and another version for Zvezda’s.
Again, time that was invested goes somehow down the drain, however, I think it will be worth it because creating the fuselage will allow me to actually make it so that the main deck fits easily, I mean, it will be ready for it, plus the interior detail will be directly on the fuselage walls and only the wing root area will need to me modified for either kit manufacturers.

This will be a full open kit, so creating a new fuselage may also help on both cargo bays.

I did not want to finish this entry without mentioning a very special gift that my friend Frank has given to me to help me go through these days, an amazing KLM DVD’s which helps to keep my motivation at full to keep on working and continue creating stuff. A huge thank you, Frank!

That is all for now, I am working as much as I can, continuing making more units, and as soon as things can get better, I will resume the shipping, I will inform about it once this takes place, but in the meantime I will be updating the blog with new photos of all these new items / projects.

Everyone, take good care and stay healthy.
Best wishes,

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I am still alive – new items

Dear all,

I am still alive, I am still here working as I can whereas unfortunately, thousands and thousands of people in this world aren’t. My best regards to their families and with hopes that this hard time can pass, at least that this rate can slow down.

I have been making more GSE units and I am also at the same time testing new items, I am still adjusting the 1/200 models since they are very small, they require extra work.
I am also doing my first tests with a fuselage extension for the Zvezda 787-8 to make it 787-10, I am thinking that if I am going to release this, that at least I can also make the fuselage windows and include a set of clear windows.

I am doing the first tests with the new A350 sharklets, and also I am at a very advanced stage with the new A319/A320/A321 Neo engines, both variants the LEAP and the P&W.

I will release these engines due the requests I got in the last months, I believe that they can be a very good addition for Zvezda kits but also usable for the Revell kits since the wing shape is the same thus the pylon fits the same way. I am not going to make them only resin/PE, but I want to create a photoreal and detailed decals for them. These engines are brand new, I designed them in 3D by using real reference images and measurements.

Thus, differences on both engines are noticeable, the LEAP has its characteristic lump at the left hand side, and the whole cowling is straighter whereas the P&W has a more pronounced slope towards the rear end of the cowling. Also the positioning of the spoilers are different and the pylon thin side is different as well. The exhausts are completely different, as well as the exhaust difusers.

Obviously you can see a small gap in the joint of both halves because these aren’t glued yet, the assembly will be cleaner because the two halves have been cut within the software, panel lines are now better represented and the size of the engines matches even closer to what they should be in 1/144 scale.

There will be a few extra resin parts than before, as you can see from the photos, but PE parts will need to be present as well for which new fanblades have been designed. I will be making some molds at the end of the week and will start the decal artwork soon.


I did not want to finish this entry without saying a big thank you to my dear friend Frank, who has been kind enough to send me a set of DVD’s with the story of KLM (photo of this in the next entry). I am at the moment enjoying every second of it, and for a youngster like me, it is fascinating to see the schemes from the 70’s all through the 90’s, not only of KLM, but also of other airlines now extinct. This is for me a very big source of inspiration to create more things in the future, trans-kits and perhaps even liveries from that era, which I now understand the nostalgia that can bring to people.

That is going to be it for now, I am still working as usual but with the difficulties added of the current situation. I have to use gloves for my work, I am dealign with lots of toxic stuff, the resin, the silicone and its catalyst, the acid from the etching process… so there is a high demand/donation to the nurses, carers, doctors, police who need the gloves much more than I do.

So, I keep progressing as best as I can and besides new stock of GSE items, I hope to put all these new items available when time comes.

Best wishes,

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