1/144 Passengers finished and ready – More progress on the B787 galleys

Hi everyone,

I am finally able to share some of the promotional photos of the 1/144 passengers figure set that will be available from tomorrow.
It has been a challenge for me, work does not end with these because each one has to be precision-cut individually as these are not like the injection plastic figures, making this process somewhat a bit tedious and time consuming, however, I got used to it.

I haven’t decided a final price for them yet, it may be odd, but I want to be realistic and consider all factors. I have been thinking of releasing a smaller set, but… when passengers are boarding an airplane, I guess there are not just a few (with the exception now of the Covid-19).

I wanted the scene to be realistic, and therefore I wanted to make this set with a reasonable number of people. They vary from each other; a mom hand in hand with her son, a teenager checking her phone, other taking a photo of the aircraft, a flight attendant and a flight dispatcher/airport worker welcoming the passengers etc.

This set is particularly useful for a “retracted” stairs position, although I haven’t checked, it may be a bit sparse with the stairs fully rised, so I may make another set which will include more walking upstairs passengers. A different set will be made for more realism if you are making a double gate airport diorama or a scene where passengers are boarding from two stairs trucks.


I would really love to release this set painted, but it is basically impossible for me, I have been painting those figures for a week, it was very time consuming because each one has a color that is not repeated in other figure, that makes things very slowly, honestly it took quite a lot of energy from me to paint such tiny details and I could not spare the time to make/prepare other units and/or advance with the current projects.


Despite the tedious work with the figures, I still had some time to do some more progress with the 787 galleys as well, the forward and center galleys are done, however, the rear galley and the cockpit are yet to be done, let’s see if I can make it to the deadline I set.


That is all for now, tomorrow I am setting back in stock the 1/144 stairs truck, 1/144 passengers, 1/144 flight crew, the 1/144 LEAP-1A and PW1000G engines and will be presenting the product page for the 1/200 belt loader which I will set in stock as well as the 1/200 AST-1 F600 pushback on Friday 30th.

I have added the GSE step by step building page on the top menu of the blog, you can check out the first GSE guide I wrote about the 1/144 Stairs truck TLD ABS1740 model.

Best wishes and stay safe!

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1/144 Stairs truck – updated and finished

Hello everyone,

It is not my usual time to publish an update at this hour, but since tomorrow is national holiday here and I have progressed with the stairs truck over the weekend, I thought to share with you the new modification that I have been working on.

Before I go into details about the stairs truck modification, I would like to say that the 787 galleys, the cargo loader, the livery decals (A320/A321/A320N/A321N) and the passengers set is coming along nicely. I have been sharing the progress of the livery decals with the printing company and so far so good, work continues, although it is nearly finished, the next artwork will be of the A350-900/1000.

The last couple days have been quite busy, the new motherboard is working well (fingers crossed) so things should now continue from where I left them, stock units are progressively being made (1/144 and 1/200) the Neo engines are also on restock process.

Now about the stairs truck, I have done a modification on the hydraulic columns which in my opinion, give an overall better look, the tube/rod union fits very nicely and smoothly, also, the assembly process is now much easier thanks to the new parts at both ends, the ones for the rods and for the tubes, basically a small 2,5 mm long wire is inserted in one end, then placed through the chassis hole and a cap is placed at the other end.

I have always been curious about Vienna’s Airport (LOWW) GSE colors, so I wanted to take a chance and make my own version of it.


Here are the  new parts that will be inclued from the next restock, customers who had purchased the stairs truck have the right to have them as well, but shipping will be on customer’s end, there is also the possiblity to include them in a future order to group items and pay one shipping.
To ask for these parts, simply write me an email and those will be saved/shipped to you.


I had a lot of fun building this stairs truck! It took me the whole Sunday, about 8 hours. These are pretty straightforward models to build, what I always do is group parts that will go with a certain color and paint each color at a time, leaving the parts ready to be joined together.

Decaling was very interesting as I saw that the decal shows absolutely no edge around as you can see in the photo above, that remineded me and show me again that the important to achieve this is to make sure the surface is shiny before applying the decals, also that the decal is sealed with glossy varnish prior the final matt coat.
I personally like applying a matt finish, I always use Vallejo’s matt varnish as it gives the model a smooth finish.

I have taken the chance to take  photos of the whole progress and I will be creating a new section in the blog where I will share the step by step build of each GSE and this stairs truck will be the first.

The stairs truck will be in stock again very soon, as I am currently updating the instructions for the new modification, it will also be restocked at the same time as the passenger figures and crew figures, passenger figures will be my next update.

That is all for now, everyone stay safe!
Best wishes

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1/144 Passenger figures preview

Hello everyone,

I have been doing some progress over the weekend but unfortunately the progress has been finding some solutions to issues that I had with a couple things.

For starters, the stairs truck modification will finally be introduced in the next restock of these units. There are two parts that I still need to test as I made them differently in order to have a simpliest way to join these tubes onto the chassis (instead of the tube ending with an O shapped end to insert the axle, it will have a hole only in one side to insert in it a metallic axle resulting in an L shapped end which will be inserted in the hole of the chassis suport, this way less parts are used for the fitting).

In the meanwhile I will also start preparing these metallic tubes and rods, I finally found a silver colored rod which slides very nicely in the tube thus no paint is needed.

The figure passengers have been coming out very well, however there is one particular figure of the set which I am still working on, this is a quick preview of the set (there is a figure missing yet).

With the motive of these passenger figures, I will also take the chance to make a stair truck build (as an example) which will feature the new parts and will be doing a photo progress of the build. This is something I am planning to do for the rest of the GSE, as a way to let you see how I build these models step by step (as an extra guide to the included instructions) as well as share some tips etc.

On regards the equipment, I am still awaiting the motherboard for one of my printers, thus stock production will be slower this week.
I distributed the LD3 trolley parts into 3 separate files so that I can have quicker stock of them (with a more reliable result).

The 787 galleys has turned into a major step back, I am still not happy with how things fit so a new way to do it has already started. I am looking forward to work further with this, every attempt is taking me closer to finally have it as I want it, so I am optimistic at the upcoming work.


Things are a little “unschedule” at the moment because I cannot combine the stock preparation as before having one printer broken, so when the motherboard arrives, I will need to dedicate some time to install it and do some further tests with it.

The cargo loader is progressing very well, the engine compartment has been fully finished. As I am starting with the lifting system, I am considering make it movable after the experience I had with the stairs truck, this will also be useful once I do the 1/72 version. I am sure that it will work out nicely, the project is at the moment at about 50% done.

I am also working on the A320/A321/A320N/A321N decal set, I am reusing very little from the previous artwork as I am taking  the chance to improve things and adapt them for silk screening.
So far the remaining decals to make are the doors, window details, engine details and some other minor things. Overall the decal set will have many details and will be usable for both the Revell newest kits and the Zvezda A320/A321. Within the set I am also offering several versions of the same detail , for its use on dark or white fuselages (for example, red or white outlines of the static ports, different probe types, etc).

That is all for this weekend, I will be restocking the Neo engines and making more LD3 trolleys and belt loaders during the week, unfortunately the issues with one of the printers delayed a bit the 1/200 GSE, however I must say that the stock process of the 1/200 belt loader has begun and will continue forward this week. Next Friday I will create the product page and set a date for the restocking of the 1/200 belt loader.

One last thing I forgot, the Covid situation is not giving a break, cases are raising thus I am going to be very strict at shipping times (Tuesdays and Fridays) as I want to be outdoors and in contact with others as less as possible.

Everyone take good care,

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