B787 Crew


This weekend I want to share a little bit more progress with the current work.

I have been able to complete the B787 crew set which consists of; captain, copilot and three flight attendants that can be placed as desired since the B787 will have finally the three galleys released simultaneously once everything is back in stock.

The reason why I call it “B787 crew” and not “cockpit and galley crew” is because the pilot and copilot are seated on B787 seats, the same as those included in the cockpit/forward galley set.

The pilot and copilot are preparing the aircraft.
One of the FA is waiting at the door, checking outside, and the other two are doing their checks in the galleys.

There has been a lot of work going on because since quite some time ago, I stopped using the first printer and not only have I changed the GSE parts (with their base and sharper detail with the new printer) but I also have been doing this for the rest of the figures, updating and converting them to be made in the new equipment.

So baggage workers had to be adjusted and converted, and the same had to be done with the short/medium haul flight crew.

This took me quite a long time, especially because with the mess of files I can end up having, I could not find some important files of this set and some things had to be redone.

For example, the captain is now carrying his luggage with the baggage handle extended, (wires will be included as before) and the copilot is holding his jacket with his right arm.

Being able to have those items in sharper detail allowed me to add the straps on the flight attendant’s handbags which were done with wire previously.

I will probably be doing some other different styles as I am aware not all flight attendants have a bun hair style, and I am also aware of the existence of male flight crew, so I will be working on this in the future. I know that some have quite specific clothing like Emirates crew, so I would like to take note of those small details and perhaps, have specific crew sets.

This converting work also has to be done with the passenger figures, I need to convert them again and this may take some extra time.

The PE process is advancing very well. I have a big relief with that, but I still have to make the units of the container transporter’s platform (its parts are already done) and make the units of the Envirotainer container.

Everything takes time and patience is very much needed, but I am working with every aspect I can so that things can be available at once. As I am starting to package the first units, I will also be taking the product photos with the new parts for each GSE model.

Once things are finally done, I will be able to continue with the current projects for which I am really eager to progress with.

I hope to share some more progress in the next few days.

Take good care everyone!
Best wishes,

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1/144 Cargo loader figures and container transporter

Hello everyone,

Work is getting closer to completion but there are still tasks remaining to do. I am currently half the way on the photoetched. It has been a bit difficult to find a good rhythm and solve some small issues.

I am also working on other areas that needed to be finished; the B787 rear galley instructions/decals (finished), the cargo loader figures (finished), the 1/144 container transporter (finished), the B787 cockpit and galley crew (half the way done) and the Envirotainer container (done but tests needed).

Without any further ado, I would like to share with you some photos of these new items.

This set consists of different cargo personnel that can be used in different loading situations.
This container transporter will include the driver figure. Custom decals were used on this build, but the set will include the generic details.
The Envirotainer RAP e2 Container will include decals representing the branding of this specific model.

Some photos with stuff gathered together, please note that this is not a definitive diorama or something like that, it was done to see how it would look like when things are together.

I am also working on the video for the cargo loader and the transporter which I hope to finish processing soon.

That is all for now, I am getting closer and closer to completion, I want to make sure that everything will be 100% ready and I am taking my time to do things as best as possible.

Wish you all a nice week!

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Getting ready

Hi all,

Time for an update to the blog, and this time it has also been a visual update. It has been some time since I wanted to change a bit the theme and make it more “lively”.

Well, the material I needed for the photo etch process arrived at the beginning of the week and I have been able to start finishing units.

There is still some work to do, specially these next two weeks will be very busy as it is more or less the time it will take me to make all the PE, this PE will be made for the 1/144 GSE models as well as for the B787 galleys (front, center and rear).

I’ve been also working on a cargo loader to use as a video review on my new yet to create Youtube channel, I may be uploading a video first of the finished result that you can see in the photos below and later the build progress which is a 10 hour work put together in about 1h long video.

Building this cargo loader was very fun and challenging, well, I have to be honest and say that I build it with some pressure as I was also working on the PE.

What am I working on currently?

  • Making the PE for all GSE and B787 galleys which, once finished, will allow me to restock those items at the store.
  • Finishing production on the new GSE model; the container transporter for which I will be making a “quick” build this weekend, also planned to make a video of it.
  • Working on the B787 cockpit crew figures (hopefully to be released at the same time).
  • Working on the cargo loader (or cargo scenery) figures, I started this a long ago, and now I pushed it forward, also hoping to release it simultaneously.
  • New container, this one is very meaningful to me and it was inspired by a video that my friend Frank sent to me, this new container was in charge to deliver the Covid-19 vaccines and it is therefore, a refrigerated container. It will include all its decals and markings.
  • Take the new product photos of all GSE items for which parts were made new.

That is all for now, I will be most surely giving another update next week with more information on regards release date as well.

Also, the newsletter is going to be a bit different next time as I no longer work with the provider I had, due incompatibilities between plugins, php and whatnot.

Thank you all for reading and for your patience, it has been an incredible pressuring time for me, still is, because I still have to take care of some things at home besides all the work, but as long as I love what I do, that is the energy I need.

Stay safe everyone,

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