Finally restocks and releases

Dear all,

Just a very quick update to inform that the new releases and the 1/144 GSE items have been restocked.

The reason for this long delay and long time out of stock was due the change I made on the parts, from being pre cut (which took me forever) to having them orderly placed and numbered on platforms.

From now on, I will continue restocking progressively and will also update the very few items remaining to apply this change, which are; the trolleys and baggage carts although they are all in stock at the moment.

Work continues and I am currently working on the 1/144 catering truck (which is at 60%) B787-8/B787-9 cargo holds, 1/12 B737 cabin and the coming up project B747-8F main deck set (as well as cargo holds). Also, working on the livery decals illustrations.

Thank you all for the support and patience waiting for those items, I am fully dedicated to it, so I hope these will be of your liking and pleasure.

Best wishes,

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Product galleries updated – Cargo loader progress video

Dear all,

I am very close to finally restocking everything and releasing the new items on Friday. It has been a very long time of hard work and preparations but I am glad to see that all the pieces are finally fitting together. And although I still await some final material, I am sure I will be able to have it all ready.

I have been uploading new product photos at the store as well as new thumbnails to keep things a bit more tidy. I still need to modify the category’s thumbnails.

As the GSE catalogue grows, I am planning for this upcoming restocking/release to make different subcategories as I feel a bit overwhelmed seeing all stuff mixed together in the same place, so there will be different categories under GSE named “Pushbacks and tractors”, “Cargo operations” etc.

This will also lead me to join the “Ground accessories” under the “GSE” main category.

Tomorrow I will be making the product page of the new articles; B787 crew, cargo loader personnel, container transporter, Envirotainer and B787 Rear galley.

I have finished the progress build of the cargo loader which is finally uploaded on Youtube:

I have also been working on a new GPU C690 build that I used to record the whole process.

I expect to upload the video of the container transporter first, and then the C690 GPU.

The release and restocking will approximately be at about 2pm – 3pm CEST time.

Once everything is ready at the store, it will be time to continue with the current projects which in fact, I have been able to work on the last few days.

Everyone stay safe and well,

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Restock / release date

Hi all,

Today I wanted to write a very quick update to say that the 1/144 GSE items will be available on July 23rd, as well as all the other new items: the 1/144 B787 rear galley, 1/144 TLD container transporter, 1/144 Envirotainer container, 1/144 B787 crew and 1/144 Cargo loader personnel.

The reason for this slight delay is due issues I had with the decal paper, as often happens in these hot humid days, issues with jamming are quite often, so more material was ordered.

Everything is ready and packaged, and work with the current projects has been resumed.

The new product photos will now be taken and will be added to the store progressively.

I plan to add a new feature on the shop, I will apply this on the A320 Neo engines and what I would like to do is set this item as an “Order in demand” article which basically will show that a maximum period of 3 to 4 days will be required to produce and package that specific item. I think that this is a better option than simply leaving it out of stock as I consider that I can produce them in that time frame. If production requires more time, then the product will be temporarily out of stock until I can have the margin to produce this new type of product.

Here is a couple photos of my new KLM crew:

That is all for now, I hope to write another update next weekend and share some more photos.

Stay safe everyone!

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