1/144 Catering truck cabins preview

Dear all,

Things have been quite busy with the current projects and I wanted to have something more advanced prior giving an update.

I’ve been working on the other catering truck cabin, the Ford F-750. At the moment the cabin is finished, however, there are a couple things that I must do; add the shape of the Ford logo on the front grid (later a decal with the logo will be placed on top of it) and also make the joining points for the wheels and the supports for the cabin interior.

The Atego cabin requires a few adjustments, mainly to improve the finish, but all in all, the catering truck is nearly done.

As always, I will need to assemble the first prototype to ensure that everything fits where it has to, and then, production will be started.

A few extra things that will be needed to do in the meantime are the decals (basic details and handlers) and the precut windshield acetate.

In regards to the B787-9 cargo holds, I am glad to say that the way I found to do this has finally worked and I am currently progressing forward with them. My objective is to release these cargo holds at the same time as the catering truck.

I am still working on the new type of parts (parts on the base) for the LD3 trolleys and baggage carts. On the way, I may make another type of baggage cart with a lining cover.

The 1/200 GSE models will undergo this parts modification (parts on the base) very soon. From there, I hope to bring some of the models previously made in 1/144 into the 1/200 scale progressively.

I hope to stabilize the current works so that I could continue with the airliner decals illustrations as well as with the B737 1/12 cabin.

On a personal note, I would like to make my anual project on the Christmas holidays since I did not have free time in the summer to work on other things. I would like to make a full build of the B787-9 with all the galleys and cargo holds in order to illustrate and have a better view of all these things put together.

That is all for now, on my next update I will be showing the first preview of the assembled catering truck as well as the B787-9 forward cargo hold assembly.

Everyone stay safe!
Best wishes,

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Container Transporter TLD TF-10-FTC full build video

Hello all,

It has been quite some time since my last update, things have been a bit difficult over here and I’ve been trying to work as much as possible on the new items.

I have been able to upload the review and full build video of the container transporter which you can find here:

The progress on the catering truck is nearly finished, a few more details need to be included and then, the remaining thing to do would be the Ford cabin, which I am thinking to base it on the Ford F-750. Therefore the model will be available in two different versions, the Ford F-750 cabin and the Mercedes Atego 1518. The chassis as you probably know is based on the Mallaghan CT6000.

The B787-9 cargo holds were restarted a couple weeks ago. I had a lot of trouble and later discarded a “built in” shell specially due the limitations of the plastic and its thickness, meaning that you cannot add a wall inside the fuselage if the wall thickness is already the plastic thickness, more thickness would result in an unrealistic effect plus the LD3 containers would not fit in.

I am going to discuss more about this as soon as I have the first of the two cargo holds done and you will be able to see some of the critical points that avoided me to make a one single interior to fit inside the plastic plus how I had to planify ahead keeping in mind the space that the galleys already occupy.

So far the progress is going well and most of the details are done, it is taking some extra time but I expect to release both the FWD and the AFT holds by the time of the catering truck release.

In the meantime, I am also working on new units, specially of the Commander FMC15i cargo loader and working on the new type of parts for the dollies and baggage carts that will also be placed on numbered platforms as the rest of the GSE.

1/200 GSE is also in my mind, so I will be doing this change in the resin parts for them as well.

Working on the A320 instructions illustrations, it does take quite a lot of time but I keep progressing as much as I can, as I said some time ago, the silk screen details are already here, but there is still so much work behind to do, complete the illustrations, make the rest of the decal set as well as the liveries themselves. You can actually have a small preview of the silk screen decals from the slideshow at the top of the blog.

Wish you all have a very nice week,

Container Transporter TLD TF-10-FTC full build video Read More