1/144 Schopf F210

Hello everyone,

I was finally able to fix some issues I had with the F210 tow tractor and like his brothers, the F59 and the F110, it is ready to begin production.

The basic (generic) decals for the F59 and F110 have been made, next step is to make those for the F210 and make the corresponding windshields. I will also try to make new PE wipers for these tow tractors. I must apologize for the photo, due its exposure, half of the details aren’t visible.

I am having my goal set with the next and probably final Schopf model, the F396, but I will attempt to make the newer version. Hopefully I can be on time to have these new tow trucks available by the end of November as during December, I plan to work on the Komatsu WT500E and WT250E (probably will also produce the WT150E) prior getting into the “big” projects for 2022 (B747 cargo and 1/12 B737 cabin).

I have been reworking the towbars; the A320 (longer) towbar had to be divided into three sections, the reason for this was due a deformation that happens naturally to the photopolymer resin, this is one of the issues that occurs in 3D printing when trying to make long thin parts.

The first test with these three sections was successful, but for better visual alignment reference, I will be making another small adjustment.

These towbars will include a thin wire so that you can make the handles as well as small decals with the markings of different airliners, so that these towbars can have a little bit more detail on them.

The B787-9 cargo holds are at a very important stage now, I will have the first set of casted ones and it will be interesting to see how they come out.
If the result is successful, I will be able to present to you the final product by next weekend.

That is all for now, work continues.
Take good care everyone.

Best wishes,

1/144 Catering truck info

Hello everyone,

We are at the end of October, and I thought that I’d need to give a bit of information regarding the catering truck and its release date.

First things first, the kit review and full build video is already available on Youtube, I usually upload those videos after release, but since I had it done, I thought it was good to have it uploaded in advance.

Click on the image to go to the video on Youtube:

As always, if anyone has a question regarding a specific step, please feel free to write me a comment or contact me, I will be more than happy to help you out.

As I mentioned in my previous entry, the catering truck is one of the GSE I’ve made that contains more parts than any other GSE kit released before, so for this reason I had to have a different packaging for it.
As a matter of fact, I will be changing from the medium blisters to cardboard (strong) boxes once I begin to run out of them, for the simple reason that the manufacturer does not produce this type of blister anymore.

For the smaller stuff, such as the figures and tractors, I will be using the smaller blister which is still in production.

While this process occurs, the image of the products will change a little, I find that presentation is a very important part of a product, and although these are not sold at physical stores, I like that customer can feel that there is quality in there when they receive the products, that everything is done with detail and as much care as possible.

I’ll be using black for the most part on the packaging of the items, but as I said, this will be done progressively.

Trucks or items that won’t fit the small blister but that are too small for the catering sized box will be packaged in a smaller cardboard box. So it is possible that next month, a couple of the tow trucks I am working on may be packaged in those.

The catering truck is ready and the first units are already packaged, however, I am waiting a bit more till I can have the B787-9 cargo holds ready which will be soon.
These are in the very final stage, so if everything goes well, both the catering and the cargo holds will be released in the second week of November.

It seems that the work done in the catering was finished earlier, so I had to push forward with the cargo holds which are coming along very nicely. Again, this is done for those who want to order both items, and thus avoiding the need to pay two shipments since the release date is so close to each other

That is all I can say at the moment, it is my wish to share some photos with you of the next tow truck, the Schopf F210 which is in the testing phase, so my next update will be about it and about a technical modification on the A320 towbar.

Until then, take good care everybody.
Best wishes,

1/144 Catering truck finished, new 1/144 Schopf F59


Today I am pleased to share photos of my latest work. I’ve been working on the catering truck for more than half a year and I just made a finished version. It is, as always, a very special day for me when I am able to finish a model. A video of the whole process is in the making.

I also have made a new tractor following the Schopf F110, the F59, the smallest of the Schopf.
I am reworking the driver figure of this model and will also be released at the end of November, by the time I release the Schopf F110.

I also made the longer towbar for the A318/A319/A320 and A321 airliners, all based on real dimensions.

I do not discard making new things from here onwards till the end of the year although I mentioned that I would not be doing any new items for what’s left of 2021, however, work is helping me quite a lot at this time.

I hope you will like these models, I hope the catering truck is a nice rendition of the Mallaghan CT6000 and I am glad that I was also able to make a Ford cabin besides the Mercedes one since this is something I said I would do when I made the “old” catering and I wasn’t able to at that time.

There are four different types of wedges so that you can keep the scissors locked at a desired height.

I believe that this is the GSE model I made with most parts in the kit. I will be providing more photos once I make the product page. Several details are not quite visible in the photos like the air conditioner engine at the right side, or the detail of the tail lights, but hopefully you will be able to see this better in the “full build” video I am editing at the moment.

Something you may miss in the photo above that is different from the previous entry, the F110 model now has a new cabin which includes the window frames, acetate will be placed through the inside (on the side windows) so that with the previously painted black frame, you won’t need to be careful to paint on the windshield thus avoiding any mistakes.

In theory, the F59 is used for smaller aircraft and the version I made is the civil one, since there is also a military version of the F59.

I will probably be making two more Schopf models prior to making the Komatsu ones, so I have in the plans the F210 and F396.

Take good care everyone.
Best wishes,

News; 1/144catering, 1/12 B737 cabin, 1/144 B787-9 cargo holds and new item 1/144 Schopf F110 towbar


There has been progress in the current projects that I would like to share with you today.

The 1/144 catering truck manufacturing process is finally completed, the first units are being produced and simultaneously I am doing a full build while video recording it for your reference on how I build this model.

Process is going well, thus I expect to have the promotional model finished this weekend and will be able to share it then, the video will follow next week as there are many clips that need to be joined together.

I am glad to say that there has been major progress on the 1/12 B737 cabin. I am finishing the sidewalls and recently finished a section that, as I thought, was one of the most difficult to replicate, the glareshield/glarewings.
I am working on these three sections which will conform to the basic structure; the two sidewalls and the main panel/glareshield.

Whilst creating the glareshield, I had to carefully ponder the building method, thus I think that for ease of assembly, the main panel and glareshield will be one piece, however, the main panel details and subpanels will be assembled on top of the “dummy” main panel base.
The glareshield has a limitation, so I am also working on the nose shell which won’t be fully completed (as this would take a lot of material), but for a better finish, a section will be represented.

This will definitely be a project to be completed throughout the 2022 if situation and life permits.

Once the main shape of the cabin is completed, I will continue working on the throttle quadrant, radio panel, FMC, seats etc.
There are no photos yet, as I have to still produce these parts in resin and rework them in certain areas as needed.

The B787-9 cargo holds are progressing very well, the FWD cargo hold is nearly completed and work has begun with the AFT section. The cargo doors have been created as well as their hinges. The ceiling has been made and I will need to make the latches that will go right at the door edge of the fuselage. The catering truck has taken up a lot of time, thus the cargo holds project slowed down a bit, but I expect to progress as the first catering units are being made.

Lastly, there has been a new member in our GSE family, it is the first time I make a towbar model, and it won’t be the last one. Further Schopf and Komatsu models will be made.
Here is a preview of the assembled model (pending the windshields to make).

This F110 towbar includes several details such as: four chocks, a fire extinguisher, cones (inside the cabin) driving mirrors and a driver figure (the set will also contain decals).

A towbar was also made according to its manufacturer specifications and drawings, thus it has its fidelity to scale, the hook was slightly enlarged for ease on joining with the towbar tractor.

The F110 kit includes a pin, which you can use to “lock” the towbar, allowing for it to be in place but at the same time, allowing it to rotate, just like the real 1/1 towbar.

This was also made this way, because this specific towbar is used only on most widebodies; the B777, B787, B767, A330, A340, A350, MD11 and DC10. Other towbars are being created for the A318, A319, A320 and A321 (which is a bit longer towbar) and others will probably me made as well for the B747 and A380, so with the pin, you will be able to interchange and “lock” different types of towbars.

I do not want details to end here, so I also plan to make figures for the towbar and pushback operations.

As there is a lot going on with the production of the 1/144 catering truck, the work/production of the B787-9 cargo holds and the work with the 1/12 B737 cabin, this F110 towbar tractor will be released at a later time, most probably at the end of November.

I usually like to release items at the same time to save you on shipping costs, but releasing the catering truck and the B787-9 cargo holds simultaneously will take all the time I currently have, thus I will need a different release date for the F110 and the towbars (as well as the pushback figures).

That is all for now, I hope everybody is doing well, here things are quite difficult at times, fortunately work helps me to cope with some situations.

Best wishes,