Happy Holidays and a special update

Dear all,

I wish you and your loved ones a Happy Holidays and above all, that health and happiness can be with you.

We are still going through tough times around the world.
During all this time since I began doing what I do, I had the enormous pleasure to know, write to and send my creations to people around the world giving me a very wide perspective of how are things in these countries.

My friends from all the places in the world, be safe, be cautious and be happy, enjoy the time with the family and share, give and protect you and those around you.

Today I wanted to share with you a very important update for me, things that I’ve been working on for a long time and that I can finally show.

First of all, the project that I started dreaming about back in 2017. The B737 cabin project is by no means abandoned.

This is the main panel which is designed together with the glareshield/autopilot panel due its complexity and to avoid issues joining these parts together, I thought that the whole block as one would provide a much better result.
Of course, there will still be enjoyment assembling this, because this main panel has lines that indicate the areas where the other “sub panels” will go such as the different screens etc.

The forward of the glareshield extends around half of the nose (not seen/made) here.
Although I shared a few bits of this before and a long time ago, this is the first element I share that is going to be a part of this kit.
It is “only” the master part, as now it requires sanding and applying putty in some areas.

From the photo of me holding the part with my hand can give you a general idea of the size.
I have other elements designed but not made yet. For the first steps I want to have the main panel/glareshield and sidewalls (sidewalls are fully designed) put together so that I can focus on each structure/panel like the throttle quadrant, radios etc.
There is a lot to do, but having the main panel and sidewalls together, will feed me the motivation I need to complete this.

The next tow truck, the F396 is ready for production:

This kit is based on the biggest of the Schopf pushbacks, above is a comparison with the F210.
I made it in a way so that you can install the rear platform and thus have a second cabin.
The rear cabin as well as the GPU are included by default in the kit and they are designed to be joined without need of glue, allowing you to represent the model in different configurations.
The same applies for the four top covers, which you can decide to put them on anytime you like. The set also will include two figures and plenty of extra parts.

The model may seem quite dull at this moment, that is because a part of the details will be represented as a decal, such as the several ventilation grills and other small details.

The latest update for today is the B787-9 rear cargo hold.
It is 98% completed, the ceiling is designed and basically the remaining things to do are: cast the main shape of the rear hold and design the decals which were done already for the forward hold.

This as well as the forward hold and the F396 are the first new releases that I plan for the beginning of next year, end of January if all goes well.

About the restocking of the items, I am at 90% done with the F59, F110 and F210. The catering truck units are half the way done.
I am glad to say that I finally received the material that I needed, thus now I have everything to continue. I will be giving a restocking date as soon as I have things more advanced.

I am trying to progress as much as I can, till a little while ago I was tidying up and replanning my workspace, because space was starting to be a problem, luckily all is solved, for me holidays are times to slow down a little but keep on working, organizing and learning so that I can work in a safer and healthier environment.

That is all for now, take good care everybody! Happy Holidays!
Best wishes,

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1/144 Tow truck videos and news

Hello everyone,

I want to start this entry by saying thank you.
I’ve been working from the heart with these new tow trucks and catering trucks. Seeing that they were sold out on the first day showed me that the work was well worth it and that the items are of the liking, this gives me the motivation to continue and do my best in every project.

Naturally, I was not able to do more than 10 units of each, bear in mind these are a total of 40 models which was a big challenge for me to make with just one piece of equipment.

I am trying to grow as sales continue, thus another equipment unit has been purchased and hopefully it can arrive soon so that I can produce more at the same time.
Material to make PE is also on its way, this may delay things a bit with the pushback trucks since these days the post services are at their busiest time and material may take longer to arrive.
I have plenty of PE ready for the catering truck, so I may be restocking this item as well as the towbars prior to the pushback models.

I would like to share with you some news on this entry, first, the finished and assembly videos of the tow trucks:

Second, I was finally able to paint and make a finished version of the towbars:

Please note that the handles on the A320 towbar should be closer to the head.

The other news I wanted to share was concerning the shop. I have been adding some more information at the store front page, there you will be able to see which items I am preparing stock for and read some news concerning the items at the store.

As things progress, so must my knowledge, and thus I am also learning some other 3D modeling techniques that will help me create more complex elements such as sharklets and better detailed engines. I have made sharklets before, but this time I would like to try other techniques and see if I can add some panel lines on them.
With this, it will be possible for me now to try and make the B747-400 wingtips which may be a part of a conversion set that I would like to do in the future, once I have more progress on the B747-8F/-400F cargo deck set.
My learning on this subject is also getting me closer and closer to my dream model; the A330-300.

The B787-9 cargo holds are progressing very well, the rear cargo hold shell is already done, only the container rails need to be added and thus production of these will start soon. Prior to that, I expect to make a couple of finished versions in order to see the overall result.

The 1/12 B737 cabin is progressing very well as well. I am going to have the Main Instrument Panel / Glareshield tested in the next few days, going from computer model to real model is a challenge, but I am optimistic with the results, it will be a very important step for the project, so I will do my best to share a few photos of it in a couple weeks.

I am also progressing with the next tow truck which will be the Schopf F396, currently at 87% completion, this model is so heavy that I decided to represent the weight effect at the base of the wheels, similar as it happens in real life with the real 1/1 model. The F70 will follow afterwards leaving the Komatsu “brothers” for a 2022 project.

That is all for now, work continues which is sometimes quite hard to do, as the temperatures drop, I must keep the room warm or else the resin won’t work. Also, working conditions at home can change from one day to another as taking care of an elder person drains a lot of energy from oneself, but I keep trying my best.

I will be writing more news as soon as I have a restocking date for all those new items (and the rest of the currently out of stock GSE models).

Stay safe everyone,
Best wishes,

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