Welcome to my new Website

Hello everybody,

Welcome to my new Website!

It was about time for me to make use of the “newer” technologies and actually have a bit more dynamic site. I started with the rocascalemotorcycles.com domain back in 2005 when my main focus was on scale motorcycles. At that time I created my own Website with the very basics that I’ve learned back in high school.

It really took me a long time to get things done when I wanted to do some changes or even to upload posts, so since I first started my models blog or Website, I have been doing things in the old fashion way, I find that nowadays we have tools that can ease our work and save some time while creating a better navigation experience.

For instance, all of you can now comment a post, which is something that I always missed. For me it is always welcomed to receive feedback or imputs, specially to learn and try to make things better.

I hope that although this blog may be simple, that it can still be interesting for you.

I would like to keep the old domain for some time, so that everybody interested in could find the old site and be redirected back here, so please do make sure you save this new Website in your bookmarks!

Although this page is not completely finished, the new online store is, and it will be published here in due time once I advance with the items. It will make use of the same domain (rocastmodels.com).

I will update this Website very soon on regards the stock status, decals, and other couple things!


I want to thank everybody who has been following me in the old domain, and I hope that with the creation of this one, more and better content can be shared with you.

Best wishes,


B737NG 1/12 scale cockpit – starting the Main Instrument Panel

Hi all,

A few days ago I was contacted by a visitor, (thanks Harry!) on regards the B737NG cockpit project. I did advance with it a few days before my returning to the modeling and it was really a project that helped me get back on track.

Today I would like to post the progress that I did a few months ago and also would like to mention that whenever possible, I would like to advance with this weekend after weekend hoping that some day I will finish it. As it is a big project, I will be doing parts by sections.

Of course, this is just the basic shape, the MIP still misses a lot of things, all the buttons, the screws etc etc. I am also doing the different options for the different MIP sections.

A320Neo PW1127G engine completed

Finally the PW1127G engines for the A320 are done!

It has taken me a very, very long time. As they were made totally scratch built, I had to make five molds for each stage of creation as I could not go back in case of messing up the master part, no undo button.

The molding has also been a little headache as the easiest way was to separate the cowling into two, but that presented the problem to perfectly match both halves and it was really difficult to achieve this in such round engine.

Finally I choose to cast the whole engine as one part, and made one of the most complex molds I ever had to make. This will avoid having to match both halves, the need to use putty in such process and to avoid modifying the shape of the round engine by accident while sanding the putty for the union.

The Neo engines will go now through the preparation process as instructions have to be designed and later the first units will be made.

But prior that, I will fine tune the photo etch (for example, make the engine’s sharklets to have a curved base to fit on the curved engine).

I will also be making a Lufthansa finished version of these engines with the included decal set.


Recently I have been told that the sharklets that I made alongside the Neo engines were incorrect, short, curvy etc. So I decided to take a look into it a bit deeper and I made a new pair of sharklets.

I have carefully taken a look at Airbus measurements, drawings, profile pictures etc, and I tried my best to make those as accurate as possible, so I saved several profile pictures and I vector-draw the main sharklet shape, afterwards, I reduced the dimensions to scale and made the sharklet shape, guiding myself with a profiled-shaped wood block.

This time, the sharklets have an edge mark, so that it can be easier to paint or in the case of our livery decals, to apply them on top more precisely.

Advancing with the PW1127G engine

I had issues making the panel lines and finally found a way to make them, in the photo it can be seen that only the rear cowling line is made, still some work to do such as modify the pylon and the outer ring.

The white thicker line is actually putty from having assembled both halves from a previous cast.

I am hoping to cast the engine in one single piece as seen in the photo (exhaust to be attached separately) in order to avoid problems when assembling both halves as this engine is quite round.

1/144 baggage carts and AKH

Work has been done to make two types of baggage carts, one will be covered and the other uncovered.

Baggage models will be also included with the carts.
Please notice that in the image below, photo etched parts are still not present.

AKH container model finished as well.

1/144 belt loader work in progress

This is the work in progress of the 1/144 scale belt loader. It features an adjustable arm to fit the different heights of airliner’s cargo doors as well as some extra detail with a small set of baggage.

The set will include the resin parts, photo etched parts and decals.

Please note that this is a work in progress, there are still some parts missing such as the transmission and the wheel drive. Among the PE parts, those will represent the arm handlebars and other small details.

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