1/144 LEAP-1A and P&W 1000G preview

Hi everybody,

As I am producing more units of GSE and figures, I am also working on the 1/144 Neo engines that I hope to release at the end of next week, this is a first preview prior decal testing and still missing the spoilers which will be a PE part.

It may be difficult to arrive on time, but I think I can. I am at this very moment designing the pylon and diffuser decals, other decals will remain from the former versions I made in the past.

These engines were made by using lots of reference photos and measurements, so I feel quite happy with the result because these are the first engines I produced in this manner, that means that I am ready for other engines regardless they were produced or not by other manufacturers in the past, I just simply want to create my own and try to detail them as much as possible.

In a few days I will be indicating at the store under each item the date when it will become available again. You will notice that by seeing a date under the product availability, so now it is more informative, besides subscribing for notification, you can also get an exact date when it will be ready.

At the moment, this is a bit risky, because I do not have spare tools or another equipment yet, so once I can set a restocking date, it will mean that the items are created but pending yet to be cut/bagged/PE created.

Restocking will not take that much as it took me before, I am trying to have a balance of work, restock, and create the new stuff which I keep in mind, the sharklets, more GSE for 1/200 and the two big projects; the 747-8F/-400F and the 1/12 B737 cabin.

Work continues, wish everybody is safe and healthy.


Important Message

Hello everyone,

Although the national post services are working full time and all shipping methods are available, some countries are still not allowed to ship to. Hence, some of the recent orders are on hold awaiting customer decision on either, put the order on hold till shipping is available, send it to a friend or relative in another country, or get a full reffund. All customers in this situation have already been contacted.

This is something that made me mad, because there is no such clear information about this on our national post services website, therefore, upon founding the list while preparing the first orders, I wanted to share it with you.

This is the list where shippings are possible:



If you are purchasing from a country which is not in the list, you can still do so, but the order will have to be on hold until shipping becomes available. This list will be updated on the national post website, so I will keep an eye on it. However I want to emphasize that orders can still be placed and that the three options I mentioned at the beginning are all possible for the customer.

At the same time, I would like to say that most of the orders have been already shipped today. There are still a couple that came in later over the weekend and today that I am going to prepare to ship them later this week.

As you can see, there are not many units left at the store, this means that I must work harder to restock, but it also means that thanks to you all, I can keep on working on these items, creating new stuff and giving me a lot of motiviation and energy to go on, I am very very grateful. Rest assured that more new stuff will come, either with GSE, figures and other airliner items.

I will be restocking items in due time, this time the restocking time will be automatic, so you will be able to see which day the item will be back in stock again, some items may take longer than others.

Wish you are all safe and sound,

About to reopen

Hi all,

I will be restocking the items in about 20 minutes.
I feel disappointed that I could not add more units, some are very low in stock, but it is a start. The store has a function that can set an item back in stock at a specific date (and shows the date) so this is what I will be using from now on when an item is out of stock.

This function will be used for the Neo engines which are at the store but not ready yet, as I am still working on their decals.

For me it has been very tough, because I have been helping a friend with a project for a couple weeks and I have seen myself working in several different areas, it has been a very stressful time.
I’ve used up a lot of material till now, so I expect to produce next units upon the restocking of the current items.

Some items like the A350 sharklets are not ready yet, but it is due I simply did not have enough time. From now on I hope things can get back on track, continue increasing the catalogue of the 1/200 GSE models, making more figures, and preparing the airliner decals for silk screen printing. It is all a process for which you need to complete step 1 before going to step 2. Once the 1/200 catalogue is similar as the 1/144 GSE catalogue, I will be making new GSE for 1/144 (cargo loader, catering etc) as well as start preparing the 1/72 GSE models.

Thank you all very much for your patience!

Best wishes,


Hello all,

During the last days I have been helping a friend and I haven’t been able to advance as much as I wanted with some of the upcoming items at the store.

The A320 Neo engines may be delayed for a few days since I have to fix a couple of parts from the photo etched sheet and make the decals. However, I will try to use a function from the store which will show the product page for the engines with a release date next to it.
At the moment I have assembled both versions (LEAP 1-A and P&W) and they fit without problems.

The A350 and A330 sharklets may be delayed as well or in the case of the A350 sharklets, few units will be produced first.

I have spent some time improving the production of some items such as the baggage cart “closed” and the baggage set. Production of the baggage cart was going to be very slow, so I changed a few things to provide more quantities by producing its resin parts in a different way, also the baggage set was arranged differently to avoid having to discard several sets as I always had to do.
The same can be said for the LD3 containers, so I expect to have more units of these in a quicker time.

It is always difficult and a challenge to restock everything at the same time plus work on new items at the same time, so there won’t be many units of everything, but I produced more of those I think people may purchase the most.

I will be updating these product pages and will be producing more units gradually in order to keep them in stock. Items will be back in stock on Friday 22nd at about 2pm CEST.

One last thing, I sometimes receive email delivery notification errors to my current email account, and I don’t want anybody to think that I do not want to respond in case an email was sent but I did not receieve it, so I created another email account (Gmail this time) which you can find at the contact page.

Wish everybody is safe and healthy,

1/12 B737 cockpit progress / Store: upcoming units on May 22nd

Hello everyone,

How is everybody doing?
Here in Spain we are (some regions) moving forward to stage 1, so things are becoming “normal” little by little.

I feel powerful to keep on working hard and preparing things for the store re opening. My aim is 15 days, so the re stock of all the items is scheduled for May 22nd.

I am taking this time because I am on the final stage of the Neo engines as well as continuing on preparing items and ultimating a few other things. I really hope to expand the equipment so that I can prepare units faster in the near future, although I will still have two hands to pack everything (cut each part individually) at least I think the availability will be quicker.

The way that the virus affected me was on regards shipping. Right when I had the first round of sold outs and was about to produce the next units, the shipping had to be stopped. So during the quarantine I decided to work on new items and keep on producing at a lower pace, also because the equipment was needed for testing these new items.

But now I have gathered all the materials I needed, including gloves, so I am working as much as possible in the production to bring as many units of each item as I can, I hope that I can have finally a starting point where I can actually be able to supply with more units in shorter time when an item is out of stock. This is something I always want, but there are always changes that prevent me from keeping a consistent re stocking, for the moment, because there should not be any more changes that will affect this.

So, May 22nd is the day I plan to release everything (except at the moment, the 787-10 fuselage extensions for which I am still working on).


In the meantime, I also have been progressing very well with the 1/12 B737 cockpit, so I am able to show a progress photo of the main instrument panel, which is currently a bit more advanced than in the screenshot below. I reworked the screws (not in this screenshot).


I would like to give an update on next weekend (15/16) about how are things with the units and perhaps share more photos of the Neo engines.

Thank you all very much for your patience!
Best wishes and stay safe,

Coming soon

Hello all,

Spain is little by little allowing more movements for the population, and the government has started the downscaling, or the different phases for starting to go back to “normal”.

I have been checking more information from the post services and I am going to be shipping again soon. Shipping costs will be the same since upon further research, the shipping methods from the store will still be the same. Also, checking again the countries where we are allowed to ship to seems to not to be an issue, since basically most of the countries where I usually ship are available.

Shipping times will change however, either from our local post services and from your country’s postal services. In front of a situation like this, it is normal that some short delays may occur, but that does not need to be necessarily the case.

Another thing that will change are the maximum shipping days after an order has been placed. I have always went to ship the orders as quick as possible, 3 days maximum being 2 days the average time taken to finish preparing and shipping an order. However, this will change since I will mainly use two days a week to ship orders. What does this mean? It means that I will be shipping orders on Tuesdays and Fridays.

Why? For starters, on Saturdays (and of course Sundays) the post offices remain closed which they were open on Saturdays in the past. Then, because the post services are working with what they call ” the indispensable” workers, only two clerks are working at the office. This translates to longer queues, and at this moment, and because one must keep a distance of 1,5m from each other, queues can surround the block.
This also happens because they have set a maximum capacity of the office of two persons at the same time, so by going as early as possible I can make sure I will be on time and by shipping those two days of the week also to try to minimize the contact with other people.

I chose those two days because I think they are distributed better during the week, on Mondays there are usually more people, so I think these days are well distributed for shipping orders, since ordering on Tuesday will allow me to ship on Friday (3 days) and ordering on Friday will allow me to ship on Tuesday.

I may of course do exceptions depending on the orders, so if there are several to ship, I may then ship another day of the week.

So basically, there won’t be much changes, but it is more a prevention for me to go there as sparse as possible to avoid contact.


Now on regards when I will be shipping orders again, this will be between 2 to 3 weeks from now. Some items are ready, but I am finishing units of other models, and as I always say, I like to make units of all the items if possible, so that it allows the customer to chose and avoid having to pay two shippings if I upload an item a few days later.

All GSE and figures will be available, plus the 1/200 AST-1 F 600 pushback and most possibly the 1/200 Houcin GPU. From the new items, those that will be ready at the same time will be both Neo engines, the new spotters’ figures, and hopefully the new A330 sharklets, A350 sharklets. The 787-10 fuselage extensions will have to wait a little bit.

It is a little harder at the moment since in one hand, some materials arrive to me quite fast, some others are taking a few days more, but I am doing the best I can so  that while I wait for one material, I prepare other things. I buy the silicone and polyurethane resin from one place, the photosensitive resin from another, the brass sheets from another, the decal paper from another…

Luckily, I have been able to find gloves, which when making the photo etched parts is something that you must wear otherwise… well… bad things would happen. Next issue may be finding more alcohol 96, but at the moment I have enough to keep going.


That is all with this update, things seem to start to get back to “normal” little by little, I am preparing as many things as I can, so that between 2 to 3 weeks, all can be ready.

Best wishes and thank you for reading,

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