Main shape of the PW1127G engine done

After several modifications to the A320Neo engine that I started some time ago, I have been able to finish the main shape and thus leaving it ready for next step.

I am currently using drawings and self made drawings as well as reference photos in order to shape this engine as best as possible to match the PW1127G model.

Further steps will be to empty the engine as it is solid now and proceed to make the pylon so that I can shape the rear section of the engine with its cowling pointedly aerodynamic fins (sorry for the not so precise term).

Next photos will show the process with the main base of the pylon and in the meantime, I will study the best options in relation to the engine casting / assembly so that the different parts can join together as best as possible.

First steps with the PW1127G engine for the A320Neo

The main base of the PW engine for the 1/144 A320Neo has been made.
It is only a rough shape as it will be used as a base for further modifications and the latter details.

Comparing it to the original engine, I have to fill a little bit the upper area of the engine so that it can be steeper when seen from the side.

There is still a lot to do, especially as the engine will have photo etched fans, the body will have to be hollow.

First catering truck painted

After the completion of the first catering model, I decided to make a painted and decaled version to have a better view of the overall model and use the fantastic decals from WessexTransfers.

Although the model is finished, I will design and create the “stoppers” so that the catering truck compartment can be raised to an intermediate height which will allow the bridge to face the doors of the different airliner models.
I will post more updates about this and soon the first catering units will be made.

Meantime the design of the instructions will also be on progress.

Click on the image to see more photos on the product page.

First catering truck assembled

The first catering truck has finally been finished and all the parts fitted successfully together.

I have based this model in the catering truck from Doll; the X-Cat M variant, hence the door at the left side and the usual loading door at the back.

The set will include metal parts, transparent sheet for the windows and a choice set of decals (with the base decal set included as well). More info about this at the day of release.

Although the first model has been finished, there is still some work to do as the instructions for example.

I will make a finished painted and decaled version in a couple of days and from them, I will start to cast the first units.

Regarding the cargo loader FMC15i; it will be available at the same time as the release of the catering truck, however new molds will be made in order to ease the casting process.

My goal is to set both items available in approximately two weeks. During this time I will upload a review on the decals and introduce the upcoming project.

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