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May 13th 2022

In the last couple days I have noticed an issue regarding the email system carried by the website/webhost in which cases an error can occur in every situation that affects the email system, for example "forgot my password" may give an error because the webhost is not sending back the email. Simply put, the webhost is not allowing (or has issues to communicate) my webshop to send emails from the shop.

I am currently working on this matter as well as communicating with my webhost since I haven't done any changes to the website and this issue appeared from one day to another. Everything else works as always and order informations are carried manually, that is, after each event ("In process" / "Shipped") I personally sent out this information directly from my inbox.
I am working to solve this as soon as possible.

*** Update: As of today May 14th, the email system seems to be working as usual, either a reconfiguration has worked out successfully or the host has fixed the issue.

Best wishes,

April 22nd 2022

The restocking of the various GSE items has been completed. More baggage carts will be included in the catalog once a new type is produced.

The restocking process has been long and tedious, so my goal is to restock all item that goes down to a certain quantity and thus trying to keep the items available at all times. Some of the current items such as the figures that are in low stock will also be produced soon.

There has also been a change in the shipping packaging, from now on the envelope will only be used for small items and certain quantities as two new type of shipping boxes is included.

You can check this photo for further reference:

This restock is a first stage as from now on I want to continue with the preparations for the release of the B787-9 cargo holds as well as the restock of the B787-8/-9 galleys. Please stay tuned at the blog or subscribe to the newsletter.

In the meantime, work also continues for the ongoing projects.

Best wishes,

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Inspiration for creation

I want to thank to the many people on Internet who shares their passion for aircraft models and modeling in general. To my friends of Airlinercafe, whom creations are of a big inspiration to me and to all the numerous photographers that capture the beauty of the civil airliners.

Without the inspiration I get from all these sources, I would not be able to make the items shown in this website.

I always have the goal to detail these models as much as possible and try to represent the 1/1 size subject into 1/144 or 1/200 scale as accurate as possible. I am always open to ideas and suggestions for these item's creations, so if you have an idea or want to share your models with me, feel free to contact me.