The towbarless pushback trucks can push and pull an aircraft thanks to its towing mechanism that connects to the aircraft nosewheel. Then the nosewheel is lifted and the truck takes total control of the aircraft's steering. test
The towbar pushback trucks make use of a towing bar that is connected to the aircraft to push it back or pull it forward. In this category you will find different type of towbar pushback trucks, from small to medium and bigger size
The tow tractors are smaller than the towbar pushback trucks and are used to pull from a row of baggage carts or dollies.
The ground power units or GPU's serve electricity to the aircraft when parked. The wire that connects the GPU's with the aircraft is included with the kits.
In this category you will find everything related to baggage carts and luggages.
Catergory dedicated to the cargo loaders. Main deck as well as bottom holds cargo operations.
Category for everything related to transportation of cargo, transporters and dollies.
Category that complements with the cargo category. You will find different ranges of containers for your cargo equipment
Stairs truck vehicles for your airplane models. These can rise up and down to adjust to different door heights.

1/144 scale Catering trucks

Catering trucks for your airplanes, with scissors that rise up and down to adjust to most of the airlines. These catering trucks can be found in different cabin options as well as a wide range of handler decals.

1/144 scale Ground equipment

Category for all ground details, chocks, cones and towbars that can actually be connected to the towbar pushback trucks from our GSE Series collection.