About us.


Rocast Models was presented in the year 2015 as a brand that produces 1/144 and 1/200 scale model kits of airport Ground Service Vehicles. The catalogue has now been extended to producing detail or aftermarket parts for the 1/144 civil airliners and other elements related to the civil aviation.

 These items are often produced in resin and include photo etched parts as well. Some of the kits also include a decal set which is printed by the decal printing services of Wessex Transfers.

 The items of our catalogue are made from scratch, handcrafted with polystyrene and other materials such as metal and later casted to be produced in resin. The attention to detail, accuracy and fidelity to the real model are the basic foundaments while producing these models.

For this reason, research and information data is studied and a certain ammount of time is dedicated to the whole process of creation.

 A little bit about myself:

 My name is Guillem and since I can remember I have always been fascinated by the model kits. Since little kid I always saw my father building military models as well as radio controlled or static ships, being these last two also a hobby of my grandfather.

I have been into modeling since the age of 8, building 1/12 civil or racing motorcycles, 1/24 model cars, 1/35 tanks as well as some other unfinished subjects such as the battleship Yamato in 1/350 scale.

 In the last few years I gained enthusiasm for the civil airliners as at the time I begun to use flight simulators. Although I do not have the time now for flight simulation, I grown my liking towards the big comercial airliners and their sometimes colorful liveries. Hence the beginning of Rocast-Digidecals, a joint team with my friend Rob from Wessex Transfers that is able to print the decals I design with a superb quality.