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1/144 Airliner antenna set



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1/144 Airliner antenna set "A"

This is a complete set of resin antennae for your airliner models. The set of antennas includes the most used on civil airplanes.
This is the complete list of the set:

1- ELT S65-1231 (x12)

2- UHF S65-1227 (x12)
3- ELT S65-8282-406 (x12)
4- UHF S65-8282-330 (x12)
5- TCAS 2 S72-1739 (x12)
6- Glideslope S41422-6 (x12)
7- UHF S65-1016-10 (x18)
8- ADS-B/L BAND / DME (x24)
9- GPS S67-1575-133 (x21)
10- Marker beacon S35-1000-1 (x9)

A total of 144 antennas.