1/144 Cargo loader FMC15i



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Item description

- Functional scissors mechanism for both platforms.


- Small details: Cabin with buttons and switches, rotary light, main body with detail lines, central column, side guard bars, fire extinguisher, rail fuselage protections, engine.


- Detailed platforms with engraved lines following the original model design.


- Two LD3/AKE containers included with decals to chose from, up to four decal variations with different AKE codes for same airlines.


- Photo etched details: ladders, handrails, handles, control pedals, steering wheel.


- Decals are included.

  • 36 resin parts.

  • 11 photo etched parts.

  • 2 LD3 containers.

  • Cargo loader decals.

  • LD3 decals.

  • Instructions easy to follow.

Current LD3 container decals stock level:


DHL: 23 Korean Air: 21 Air France: 14
Jettainer: 31 Eva Air: 15 British Airways: 0
American Airlines Cargo: 12 Cathay Pacific: 12 Emirates Sky Cargo: 18
Singapore Airlines: 6 Air Canada: 13 Aeroflot: 12
Air China: 17 ANA Cargo: 14 JAL Cargo: 21
Delta Airlines: 10  Fedex: 28  


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