Airbus A350-900 Delta Air Lines



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This is a completed set of decals digitally printed representing the A350 in Delta Air Lines colour scheme, including metallic colors and opaque whites.

Detail decals included such as:

- Photorealistic / frame cockpit windows.

- Semi transparent windshield decal to use together with the cockpit frames/clear cockpit plastic part.

 - Metallic wing, horizontal and vertical stabilizer leading edges.

- Fuselage details: static ports, cargo doors, metallic and rivetted sharklet edges, etc.

 - Engine details.

- Engines inner cowling decals.

- Photorealistic passenger window decals with metallic frames.

- Metallic passenger window frames.

- This decal set also includes a special decal for the colorful effect on the cockpit windshields with a degree of transparency for using over the kit's original clear cockpit windows.


Colors of the scans may differ slightly from the print.