Airbus A320 Air France "Retrojet" decal



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Complete set of digitally printed, fully opaque decals to represent the Airbus A320 Air France with the special "Retrojet" livery.

Detail decals included such as:

- Photorealistic / frame cockpit windows.

 - Two options for the fuselage windows:

  • Passanger window frames to match Zvezda fuselage windows.

  • Photorealistic passanger windows with metallic frames. Windows adjusted to scale according to the real aircraft dimensions.

- Fuselage details: static ports, belly/wing root panel lines and rivets, cargo doors, etc.

 - Engine details.

- Two types of doors: matching the Zvezda's kit door dimensions and the other doors adjusted to scale according to the real aircraft dimensions.



This decal sheet also includes metallic frames separately to be placed on top of the windows+frames decal after applying the varnish coat.

The reason is that some clear varnishes may modify the way the light reflects on the model and thus reducing the metallic finish.

With the extra metallic frames you can chose to place them later on the model to contrarest any possible metallic loss.


Colors of the scans may differ slightly from the print.