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1/144 LD3/AKE Dollies (set of 3)



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1/144 LD3/AKE dollies (Set of 3)

This is a complete set of resin parts, photo etched parts, decals and acetate to build the towbarless pushback truck AST-1 F600.

The model is based on the german manufacturer Goldhofer.
The AST-1 F600 is a towbarless pushback truck that can manage aircrafts up to 425 tons MTOW, for aircrafts ranging the A300, B767 and even the Jumbo B747.

What is included in the set:

  • 27 resin parts.
  • Instructions.
  • These cargo dollies can be used to transport LD3/AKE containers. The set contains 3 dollies and they can be connected to each other with the towing bars (turntable). The towing bars can also fit in the tow tractors hitch from this shop.
Example of the models finished.
Tow tractor/figures sold separately.
LD3 containers sold separately.
Size of the dolly.