Slowing down

Hello everyone

The reason for this post today is to say that, in face of this very hot days which result in a feeling of being beaten up day after day with sometimes difficulties to even breathe, as well as being beaten up morally when you feel things aren’t as one had hoped, I am going to take some days off to “rest”.

I will continue working and shipping orders as usual, but this time I will take work (production) at an ease, take the chance to organize because I still haven’t been able to have everything 100% in the order I would like to and will take the chance to do some more tests on the upcoming GSE models.

Just to put things in perspective, I had to coat with a clear adhesive paper all the labels I had put on the item’s boxes because the heat of the room burned the ink from black to pink in a matter of 5-6 days.

Also, I want to build a model. It has been four years since my last A350 China Airlines build, and I am tired of not being able to enjoy this hobby. I need something that could give me the motivation for which it all began in the first place.

I will also not take any more requests, I often do it because of two things; one, help out a fellow modeler and two, because I always think things are easy, well it turns out they are not for the most part. Time goes by and not only do I disappoint others with my delays but at the same time I disappoint myself.

When I am back, I hope to present some finished things. I still have the wish, but I don’t know if it is a combination of things that make one’s spirits to sometimes be a little down.

Till then, best wishes,

Items released/restocked

Hello everyone,

Just a very quick update to say that the new items were released and that I will increase quantities in the next few days. I also restocked some other items, but I expect to restock and make more units of the current out of stock products.

I also wanted to share a new video I uploaded in which I show how I cut the plastic doors, this technique works to open cargo and passenger doors as well as cutting the plastic in general.

I am also working on another video, this time related to LED lights and general lighting for the models, some few tips that hopefully will help for your projects.

Work continues with the ongoing projects.

Best wishes,

Restock/releases on Friday 29th

Hello everyone,

Some time has passed since my last update. These days have been quite difficult because of the temperatures and the heatwave we have here.

Although it seems that higher temperatures, as opposed to colder ones, don’t affect the printing much, resin casting is always very hard to do when the room temperature is so high.

Working in an environment that feels more like an oven or a sauna is complex and with that said, there will be some limitations on the new items that I will be releasing on Friday meaning that there won’t be as many quantities as I had hoped. Needless to say, I will continue with the production and add more quantities as soon as I progress and in a quicker way once the heatwave is gone.

You may notice the webshop already has some of the new products in it (not yet available); the radomes, pitot tubes, antennas, sharklets, winglets… I will soon update the product page for the B787-9 cargo holds and change the front page a bit on the 29th.

During all this time I have been working on other subjects, such as the F59 in 1/72 scale which is nearly completed. All the parts were done and I am currently working on the body, leaving it ready for casting. Details are sharper than what can be seen below, I think this heat is starting to melt my cellphone.

On the other hand, I am also progressing with the B747-8F/-400F. The main deck has been completed and also, the bulkhead. I may detail the bulked some more, but that is mainly how it will be.

After finishing the basic shape of the fuselage/wingroot, the main deck, the nose area and the main shape of the cargo holds, it is time to work on the cockpit.

I am not planning to detail it much further than this, mainly because 85% of it will probably not be visible from the outside, so currently my focus is on the cockpit itself.

After some issues with the delivery, I was finally able to test by myself the 0,5mm optic fiber wire. It is very good for point lights, with a certain degree of ambiance, they will be perfect for the cargo deck sidewalls, but alternatively, I am studying the possibility to add a series of small LED lights as a general lighting. Wires are the main issue, where to run them through, but I will come up with something.

That is all for now, I want to go on working on the other projects as well, the 1/12 B737 cabin, and other of the GSE which are also quite advanced such as the Pulsar 7D and the new baggage carts.

Take good care everyone,

1/12 B737NG cabin – B747-8F/-400F progress and release/restock date

Hello everyone,

Today I am sharing some more progress about the two main projects that I have this year.

The radio panel on the 1/12 B737 cabin has been finished. I did an initial test on all the radio panel sections and I like the result. Something to keep in mind when viewing these images is the size of these parts, they are much smaller than what you can feel from the photo.

I still have to test the fitting of the various knobs and switches. Basically each radio module will be added one by one by the modeler, on top of the radio pedestal which will have three columns separated by a panel line to perfectly align each module.

For my own test, I did not sand any edge, so they were simply cut off the base to check the overall result of them together.

The main panel has also been completed, but before I test it, I would like to have the main structure done (the main panel was remade again), that will be the next step.

On the other subject, the B747-8F/400F, it is progressing well, most of the nose section is completed, there are some smaller details I still need to add, and I am also considering making the padding that is located inside the nose cone.

Sometimes you need to make some sacrifices regarding fitting/dimensions/realism. This was the case for the hinges and rods (rods will be made out of metal or plastic), also, details in the renders may be “exaggerated” in some cases but because later on, these will be very subtle once printed.

The electric motor and the gearboxes were made and there will be some wiring inside the nose.

While the nose area is almost done, work has continued with the main deck. Currently working on the rear section and the side door platform area.

This set, which I finally called it “Transdetail kit” (because it transforms the detail from an original kit and it is a kit itself, not quite like a transkit that changes the original model kit), will also include decals; the anti slippery marks on the main deck made as a decal will be a nice addition solving the difficulty that would be having to paint each little rectangle perfectly.

Finally, the restock of the B787-8 galleys and some other currently out of stock items and the release of the new items will be on July 29th. These new items will be:

– 1/144 B787-9 Forward cargo hold module.
– 1/144 B787-9 Rear cargo hold module.
– 1/144 Antenna set “A”.
– 1/144 Satcom antenna set.
– 1/144 Pitot tubes assortment.
– 1/144 Radomes; Viasat, Gogo 2KU, Arinc 791, Inmarsat GX and Boeing factory.
– 1/144 Airbus narrowbody sharklets.
– 1/144 Airbus A350 sharklets.
– 1/144 B747-400 Winglets.

Some out of stock items like the baggage carts will take a bit more time since I am making the new movable towbar version. I am also progressing with the work of the rest of the projects; the 1/72 Schopf F59, the 1/144 Pulsar 7D etc.

That is all for now, I hope to share more finished things soon.
Take good care everyone.

Best wishes,

B747-8F/-400F New progress

Hello everyone,

Today I wanted to share a quick update about the work being done with the B747-8F / -400F.

I have been working around the nose area and have started the work with the main deck. So far all is going well, I think the most critical points on the design have been overcome, I am currently working on the nose cone interior as I am pausing for a bit the work of the main deck.

I need to refer to this project in a different way, since “detail set” probably does not represent the contents of the set, as a reminder, this is being made to be used with the Revell 747-8i or 8F models. The set will include both fuselage halves (except the tail cone and tail section), nose, main deck, cargo holds and cockpit. From the Revell kit, the wings, engines, landing gear and tail cone will be used.

This project is advancing steadily and I have the hopes that it can be finished this year, (Christmas seems like a good deadline for me). I always thought it would take me much longer to complete, at least to reach the stage in which the project is currently.

There is however, time to be dedicated to other things too; the 1/12 B737 cockpit project which has also been progressing very well.

There is extra work done that I haven’t fully shared yet; new baggage carts that will feature the moving towbar up and down and a linning covered version. Some other smaller GSE are also being done (The Pulsar 7D cargo transporter that you have seen in a previous entry).
The biggest of the Schopf family, the F396 is a finished and tested model now, but production of it needs to start.

So there will be two release dates; one for the release of the B787-9 cargo holds, restock of the B787-8/9 galleys, pitot tubes, antennas, radomes, sharklets, and a second release that will include the new baggage carts, the F396 and most surely other smaller GSE items such as the Pulsar 7D. The 1/72 Schopf F59 will also most surely be released then.

I will be giving a final release date for the first bunch of new items next weekend.

Best wishes,

B747-8F/-400F progress

Hello all,

I am currently advancing with the B747-8F/-400F detail set. I am working alongside the other projects but despite that, the progress done so far has been very big, at least for what I am used to, in a sad way I can focus a lot more in work now, and hopefully the following renders will show:

There were two major areas that I needed to actually test before proceeding any further, one was the wing root connection with the Revell wing and the tail cone section.
Fortunately, both fitted properly
, as you can see from the above render, the fitting of the Revell wing is basically the same, only that the upper side is flattened down, as such, a small portion of the Revell wing needs to be removed, which is something that will be later properly specified in the instructions.

The inner structure:

As you can see, there are several “windows” and each has an engraved line going across the fuselage passing through the sides of the cargo holds.
These openings are for the interior lights. The reason for the engraved line is to fit in the 0,5mm optic fiber that I plan to include in the set.

I have been thinking about using LED lights, but can you imagine how many wires would be in there for so many lights?

Instead, with a couple of LED lights placed in the center of the aircraft, using them as light source, several 0,5mm fiber lines can go through the different openings till reaching each light point. There are going to be a couple of small indented areas (for both AFT and FWD holds) to show the limit of the area where the fiber needs to be attached at, because that same area is the open section for the cargo holds.

Although I need to test this properly, it is one of the very few ways I could come up to have these sidewall lights in the model. Of course, this will mean that once the optic fiber is installed, it will need to be “buried” with a bit of putty, therefore, the extra detail to add on the inner side of the fuselage will be done with photo etch.
Photo etch will be used for the light panel frames as well as for the lining unions (seen in the image above with thinner lines for placement reference). Amongst other elements, photo etched will also be used for the ladder that connects with the cockpit.

At this point, I hope you can understand my reasons for wanting to make my own fuselage and stay away from Revell’s, the modifications needed were quite complex to carry on, at least I could not make them as fitting-precise as I can now.

The main gear bay; I tried to keep the assembly of those simple, one thing I do not like at all is the way Revell makes their design, having to later apply putty all around the belly to cover the union, instead I just made a simple bay, with detailing inside and the same fitting points as the Revell kit, so the original landing gear can be used.

Another area I struggled quite a lot has been the bottom side of the cockpit:

At the same time I am designing each part, I also need to assure everything will fit perfectly later. In this case, all the detail under the nose will be added as one piece, fitting at the bottom of the windshield.

A similar step will be done next with the front area under the main deck. I am also making the different areas taking into account the measurements, so that the opening of the nose door equals the same of the real one in 1/144, same for the positioning of the side cargo door, etc.

I hope this project is of your liking so far. At this moment I am also preparing several new items for their release. it is taking me some time but I am doing the best I can to release it all soon.

Hope everything is going well for you, take good care everyone.
Best wishes,