B747-8F/-400F Cargo doors completed

Hello everyone,

It has been some time since I last wrote an update about the cargo project I am currently working on. I am very happy to say that the project is moving forward after finally figuring out which were the issues with my printers. It turns out it was a bad resin bottle, despite it was still at 1.5 years from the expiry date. Nevertheless, that made me learn new things as well as improving the equipment that I am using.

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Solving issues and friends gallery update

Hello everyone,

A few days before the restock/release of the different items, I am writing this quick update to mention that I finally found the origin of the issues with my printers and also to update the friends gallery with the work of two amazing modelers.

As you may have read from the previous entry, I started having issues with one of my printers and therefore, continuing the work with just one, a few days after the update was written, the second printer also started to give me failed results.

After a lot of testing and getting good results with another type of resin, a problem with the printer itself was discarded and the gradual dropping of temperatures and something that I suspect has changed in the resin I always use, were thought to be the causes of the issues during printing.
I am currently working on a modification to the printers, which I started to plan last year. I will add a device to them to work at hotter and more constant temperatures, and regarding the resin, I will be doing further tests as well as changing brands to obtain a better final decision.

As a note, print quality and detail can vary depending on the temperature and settings per layer. There can be a difference in quality within 0.5 seconds in the setup, that little amount of a time can represent a total fail in the result, or a more crisp print if the temperature is adequate.
As the temperature drops, I can “bump up” the exposure time and get away with the parts being done with less quality, but that is by no means my objective. This is the reason why I currently had to stop printing until the modification to the printers is finally applied and tested, which is already stated by many other users with similar issues, that it works wonders.

With that being said, most of the items will be restocked with all the parts I was able to make before this change in the temperatures, a few like the passenger figures will not be available just yet because of this issue, but as I said, I am currently working on it and will resume production soon.

The webshop will be updated with the new stock and new items on Friday 11th.

I also wanted to share with you two new galleries from two amazing modelers, my friend Claude from Canada, and my friend Gustavo from Argentina.

Click on each image to go to their respective model galleries:

Claude’s gallery:

Gustavo’s gallery:

That is all for now, work still continues, not only I had issues with the printers, but also my cutting machine blade tip broke off. It is a tool I use a lot to prepare the model’s packaging, so now that I finally replaced it, work continues at full throttle.

Also, the improvements on the 1/72 Schopf F59 continue, as I realized the acetate sheets that were to be used had some imperfections, other type is now on the way and with that, the packaging of this model will be fully completed and ready for its release on Friday 11th.

Take good care everyone.
Best wishes,

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New releases and restock date, November 11th

Hello everyone,

The last couple weeks have been very busy with a lot of work, and these are still quite complex times, times of uncertainty but also times with hopes and projects to look forward to.

I am somewhat fortunate to have been able to make most of the stock and new units just a bit before my printer decided to not work properly anymore. I don’t want to extend this post and get into complex details but, if someone tells you that 3D printing is easy, that is because they have never done something tiny (and I mean, really tiny) on a regular basis, you can get excellent results 99% of the time, but, when there is a problem, be prepared to spend a lot of time trying to figure things out.

Currently I print only with one printer, while I have been troubleshooting the other one for a week, spending (wasting) quite a good amount of materials, it can get very frustrating, but at last, I am closer to finding the solution.

I certainly need to extend my equipment (especially for some parts), not because they no longer perform as I need or produce tiny details, but because technology advances and certain things are easier/more reliable for the end user. In the end, you want to get to production in the most efficient way from the get go.

I have redone all the box covers for the different articles, it took me quite some time to bring files from the older software into the new one, prepare the cutting files etc.

All the instructions have been rearranged, they are now a bit larger and some corrections have been done.

New boxes for the articles were designed and cut, so the process is quite “self-made”. I design my own boxes, I cut them one or two at a time, and from there I move to the packaging stage. But that is something that is not bothersome if you love doing what you do.

For example, the boxes I used for the antenna set or figures (the thin longer box) is now redesigned and the opening is frontal instead of one side, which allows for easy access to the contents and also it has a sturdier structure. All of them now feature a more solid lid closing.

Several molds were remade, for convenience and for ease of production as well as for own health.

The F396 units are all packaged, the new baggage carts are nearly packaged, the 1/72 is nearly packaged, so basically only a few bits are remaining to do, but as I say, it is a few bits here and a few bits there… Which always translates to time and lots of patience.

I recently made an improvement over the 1/72 F59, the chocks were redesigned with those anti slippery bands and the kit will include a nice little rope for the handles. A new thread was added for the airbox hose which is far more realistic than braided wire (which is a different thing).

Figures are being changed from being cut individually to being supported from their base. This is something I have done already for the B787 crew, short/medium haul flight crew and baggage ramp workers. Now the cargo loader personnel and the spotters at the ramp will be presented like this. I still have to do this modification to the passenger set.

I am also considering removing some items from the store. I am waiting to see what happens with Revell and their 787-9 and I am considering making other decisions in general regarding cargo holds. Is it something that the modeler needs? I need to evaluate better what the costs and gains are.

Now on the release date, I will be restocking and releasing the new items on November 11th, right now at this moment, with only one printer, that is all I can do, there are still things to do such as the restock of the A350/A320 sharklets and make photo etch for the 1/72 F59, but I will definitely be on time (if nothing bad happens, fingers crossed).

I need to regain the passion in modeling itself, my past “break” was pretty much nothing, although I was able to learn several techniques, I still have the desire to glue plastic parts, to see how something is being created and to finally see a new model completed. I can only say that I hope to be able to build in the future, as there is no time left for it at the moment.

I am sorry for not updating the store frontpage which in these times, I know people always expect something new when they enter a website, I am also sorry for not posting new videos over Youtube and for not sharing further progress with the ongoing projects so far The current releases and restock are taking me so much time and dedication, I am positive things will be better in the future.

Take good care everyone, I will be back here a bit before November 11th.
Best wishes,

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