1/200 Belt loader finished – I’ll be back in September

Hello everyone,

This will be my last entry till I am back in September, as I mentioned earlier, I want to take some days off, I will continue to ship orders as usual and continue to work on stuff and hopefully I will be able to bring news when I am back in September. I need some time to get myself recharged as summer is very hard for me where I live, it affects me physically, mentally and also affects the materials that I use, so I think it is a good time to try to cool down, make some modeling and advance on projects in a pressureless way.

I am awaiting a response from the printing company to have the decals silk screen printed, so if everything goes well, livery decals will be back before the end of the year.

I have to admit that I am feeling a bit disappointed with the 747 cargo set as I am having difficulties with the printed floor. This is a problem that appears after the part is fully cured and it happens to all sorts of printing methods, materials and printers. When a part is flat, thin and long, you are more likely to have bending issues, this is why the conveyor of the belt loader is casted in polyurethane resin.

I am studying the possibility to make the floor of the cargo holds already built in the fuselage or modify the bottom of it to produce it differently. This would also be a problem for the main deck, but I always had planned that it would be casted in polyurethane resin, being a solid floor there won’t be any issues.


I have finished the 1/200 belt loader, but now I am onto the final step, which consists in preparing its product page, the photos, the decals, the instructions… PE was made and tested and all is so far so  good. I have been able to make the figures for the 1/200 belt loader altough the summer version requires modifications, have been able to make the wheeldrive solid/in resin as well.

That is all for now, I hope to bring something new on September, I wish you all have a nice month of August and be safe.

Best wishes,

A thank you message and a second take on the 747-8F/-400F

Dear all,

I wanted to write this entry to give a big thank you message to all those who support me, to all those who trust in the things I do and that care about it and treasure it as much as I do.

Thanks to all your help I am able to expand the equipment finally, that means that I will be able to keep the store with more stuff available, that means I will be able to have things done quicker.
I haven’t mentioned how long does it take to have a specific model done, but for reference, it takes me about 3,5 hours to have two belt loaders plus 30 min to cut/clean/bag its parts, not counting the time it takes to make the photo etched parts. So without doubt, the extra equipment will be so much appreciated, specially if something happens to the other equipment, I still have another one to keep on going.

During the week I will be slowing a bit the production because I need to reorganize the workplace, I need to restructure a bit the room to make space for the extra equipment, change the position of a shelf, add another table etc, orders will be shipped like always, that won’t be affected.

Now onto the 747-8F/-400F, the other day I had an idea coming in my mind that I still don’t know why I did not think about it earlier. I defenitely found the way to make this project, I was just looking at it all worng because of the way the fuselage halves are joined… but it never ocurred to me to look at it as if it was a model ship… so the thing is to make this project cutting the fuselage horizontally, right at the main deck level, so this way joining left/right sides, you would have like the hull of a ship on both, the bottom fuselage and the ceiling, that will allow me to make the ceiling perfectly straight and make the main deck also straight, it would also allow me to make the cargo holds much better, because the way I was doing it earlier, it had to match both left and right sides, now it will all match at one point, the main deck.
Not sure if I explained myself correctly, but this will also help in the sense that by joining the bottom half of the Zvezda kit, I may be able to reuse the work done on the upper half in the Revell one (still wondering about the cockpit windows), this will be useful since each kit has their own wing attachments / landing gears.

I think I may be using this technique in future items, or to remake the A320 galleys and cargo holds, that would mean having those things already build in the fuselage. Also, this will avoid the user to have to cut doors on the plastic kit. It would also be an option to have both halves separately, for example in the A320, if you only want cargo holds, the bottom half will be available, if you want both galleys and holds, both halves will be included.

And now to finish the entry, a few photos of the sptters at the ramp!

Best wishes and thank you very much for your support,




1/200 Belt loader TUG 660 / Neo engines PE fixed

Dear all,

I have fixed the Neo engines PE sheets which were missing two engine spoilers, photo has been updated on the product page.

I have started a first test build of the 1/200 Belt loader TUG 660 which has almost all the same parts as its bigger brother (1/144) including: driver, driving mirror, engine, rear axle, adjustable conveyor and will have PE as well.

Please note that the conveyor in the photos seems a bit bended, this will be corrected later.

Best wishes,


To make things clear


It is not usual that I write two entries in the same day, but I wanted to clarify one thing that has been bugging me for some time.

I have been told by some people (and maybe some others who had the same thing happen to them) that I have been written to and that I haven’t responded to the emails. First of all, I do respond to all the emails that I receive and to everybody who writes me, to me it is very important to know what you guys think/want/ask and request, because I am the same as yours and we like/love/enjoy the same things. So, no, I did not ignore any email, I did not forget to write or anything of the sort.
I must say that sometimes, because of I am full of stress doing everything, thinking about everything, often caring about grandma, caring about pets, sometimes takes me a couple days to answer an email, but I always end up doing so.

What happens is that the contact form servers may have a conflict to deliver a message, or my email host may have issues, or yours, who knows why an email is not delivered, I unfortunately do not have the knowledge enough to know. So for this reason, some days ago I created another account: This way, if you don’t have news from me, you can try another email which is from a well known host.

On the contact page, besides the online form, you will also find this same address, which is in an image format to avoid as much as possible the spams.

Now onto the modeling subject, this weekend I will try the belt loader at 1/200 scale, weekends are the only time when I can actually do tests of next models, because the rest of the days the equipment is used for production and there is a lot of testing required when making such small things.

Work continues.
Best wishes,


LEAP-1A and PW1000G released

Hello everybody,

The Neo engines for the A319, A320 and A321 family have been released, there will be more units of these in the next days. Restocking of some of the figures have been added.

I am currently working on the rest of the GSE, will have more units of these at the end of next week.

I am currently thinking about how to proceed on the B747-8F/-400F, so hopefully I can advance with it soon. Also considering the A330-900 since the the thought (wish) I had for producing a new A330-300.

Both are going to be long projects like the 1/12 B737 cockpit, so I am taking one step at a time and working on those projects that I already started, so that means that at the moment, the A330 will be on a planning stage.

Wish you all have a nice weekend!
Best wishes,

A reflexion on the A330 and the 747-8F/-400F project

Dear all,

Prior writing about the A330 and the 747-8F/-400F, I would like to mention that tomorrow I will set available the Neo engines, will also restock some of the figures and will be restocking the various GSE during next week. Gpu’s are coming first, then belt loader, stair truck and pushbacks. It is impossible for me to do all at once, so each model (or two models) will have the same release date which you will be able to see in product page.
I am also doing some minor changes at my workplace, adding extra lighting, a ceiling fan (I really, really needed this) and reorganizing the areas where I do each process.

Now onto the 747-8F/-400F, I am going to purchase another freighter kit, because I consider that things can be done differently now that I can use the 3D. I think that the fuselage I was using does not fit the criteria I want for this, I am still thinking about the main deck, the fuselage differences of the Revell-Zvezda kits… so although the work is on pause, it is not so in my mind.

I have been working on the A330 sharklets, this aircraft is one of my favourites and I wanted to purchase another of Revell’s kit, but it seems to me that the A330-300 is discontinued, at least, it is not in stock on most of online hobby stores, it may be found at eBay I guess, but I do not want that… I want something more permanent…

So I was thinking… what if I make my own? I think that if Revell’s A330 is discontinued, having another A330 on the market would also give an extra chance to decal makers and aircraft accessories such as engines, both already in the market for the Revell kit, that could also be used on this A330.
If I am going to make the A330, it would already be with a built in cargo holds and galleys, not planning the interior because to be honest, 2mm windows does not show much, but I would like to make clear passenger and cockpit windows.

This would definitely be a big challenge for me, another project that may pile on the top of what I already have, so I am going to leave this as “wish” at the moment, because for current projects (other than GSE) is the 747-8F/-400F main deck detail set and the 1/12 B737 cockpit which is still progressing.

I hope to have a chance this weekend to paint the spotters figures since I haven’t been able to do this before.

Wish you are all safe,

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