Tow tractor JST-25 & GPU TLD 414

Good Sunday,

I have been doing more tests during the last days and can now post some photos of the new GSE models, a baggage tractor (JST-25) and a new GPU model, the TLD 414.

A few things that I would like to mention about these; both will probably include decals, the GPU for sure will since there are lots of warning marks (and TLD logos) on it, for the tractor I may add the tail lights.
The photo etched parts will be the front grid for the JST tractor and probably the GPU won’t have any other PE detail except for an extra access door to be attached to the airplane’s fuselage. The TLD will include a thin wire for connection to the aircraft and if I am able to adjust the cabin on the tractor, will include an acetate sheet for the windshields and PE wippers.

Details are very small and some modifications are required, on the JST tractor the gear has to be thicker and I still need to adjust the cabin. For the GPU 414 I would like to add some rivets on the base.

There are lots of tests going on, for the pushback AST-1  that I presented last week, I am currently working on the driver figure, added the fire extinguisher, cones and the headlights that I forgot.

Before I move forward with other models, I want to apply these corrections to these 3 models and move forward with the tests, next one will be the Houchin GPU and belt loader TUG660.
The rear fender of the JST tractor is designed to fit the towbars of the baggage carts.

It is taking me a lot of time and material to start fresh with these models, but so far I like how things are going and after all the 1/144 models are completed, I will focus on the 1/200 versions.
I would like to remind and apology for the lack of items in the store, I am about to start testing the new procedures on the photo etching process so more time is required.

More work will continue this week, so I hope to share more progress soon.

Best wishes,

Towbarless pushback AST-1

Hello all,

Apologies for being late on giving updates on how are things going, it has been a bit complicated time for me.

I am glad to say that I finally found the settings and materials that gives me the best results and so I was able to make one of the first GSE models that I first scratchbuilded a long time ago.

As I mentioned in the earlier entry, I would like to do a bit of overview of the items that will be substituting the old GSE range. I think I mentioned this before, but I am not producing new substitutes for the purpose of reselling “old stuff” the reason of re making the GSE is due a change of production (no more silicone molds in this case) and at the same time, an improvement over the previous models.

The new AST-1 pushback does have a bit more detail than the previous version, detail is now more subtle, better scaled if you will.
In the photos below you can notice a few extra details such as; tire marks, more detailed center rims, subtle smaller wires inside the main body, the chain mechanism for lifting the cabin and the steering wheel actually being solid.
I apologize for the poor quality of the photos, I tried to paint the model slightly white to highlight details but the camera of my cellphone is perhaps not the best to take such close up photos. There will be new photos in the item’s webpage.

This model will also include the photo etched parts that were included in the previous model, with the exception that the photo etched steering wheel will be removed since there will actually be a solid resin steering wheel.

The decals will also be the same, however, a couple more decal objects will be included for the cockpit screens, also, a driver figure will be included. At the same time I would like to include a couple other details, one of them being  the fire extinguisher as it was in the previous model and a couple of cones piled on top of each other to be placed in one of the sides of the cabin. Regarding the decals, I will include other details such as the exhaust which will actually have a “weathering” effect, the decals for the tail lights and the panel grids.

Photos of the model still without the PE:

It is uneasy for me to have the store with 0 GSE in stock and other models due the time it is taking me to do these new models and the lack of photo etch, but I do believe that if I had to do this change, that it was for the best and to provide the best parts possible, so even it takes a bit more time, I hope you can understand that it is because I am fine tuning each item to provide it as best as possible.

I am going to be doing more final tests during the next couple of weeks, the next model I would like to overview are the two GPUs,  the Houchin C690 and a new one; the TLD 414.

What I am doing is producing each model at a time to see what needs to be adjusted prior I move to the next item, although all the models haven been tested, corrections done need to be checked. Once that I have all the items tested (including build tests) I will start production and also get inmersed in the photo etching process.

The 1/200 scale will be tested once I start to make the 1/144 photo etched parts, since they will come from the same model, some of the smallest parts will need to be checked due physical limitations.

Situation is sometimes overwhelming because I do feel it is like starting from scratch. I apologize for all the time it is taking me to have this available and hope for your understanding.

See you all in the next entry.

Best wishes,

September is here and lots of changes with it

Hi guys,

It was about time that I gave an update on how are things going.

Finally I can say that the workplace has been set at 95%, you should probably know that it was not as simple as redecorate an actual room, but the workplace I had shared and still shares some other stuff, so in a way it is still a storage room (it is merely 25% storage room now).

For this very same reason, there have been lots of things that had to go, old clothes, old furniture… there was so many stuff lying around that the floor had to be painted in 3 steps. Many trips to the recycle center in order to make room for the equipment and for me to work in a better and cleaner environment.

Speaking of environment, one of the changes that will come in September and that it is currently the second main reason of why there are basically no stock of items at the store is the acid used in the photo etching process.
Reached this point I had some liters/gallons of acid that had to leave because it was already dirty after the use, my surprise was that the two recycle centers I went neither of them accepted such type of residue and did not give me any advice on what to do with it.

They accept car batteries, but I do believe the acid used in those batteries is more hazard than ferric acid. Still, not even the seller replied me on regards recycling this product, so after reading and searching on Internet, I found a way in which I can try to neutralize this acid and impact as less as possible with nature.

Having said that, I will use a cleaner substitute for the ferric acid, which will be copper sulfate. It is a little different process and again, due other changes in the photo etched process, some tests will need to be done to find the right setup, right exposure times, etc. It is always a trial and error process with most of these things.


Now on regards the GSE and also the lack of availability of them at the store. I am currently producing a new range of GSE, 99% of items that I made in the past are now computerized, so between times reorganizing the workplace, I also had an intense 3D course.

Items will still be resin made, but the process is now totally different and as I explained with the acid, a lot of tests are currently going on.

So far I can share some photos of some of the tests that I’ve done so far, with two new models substituting the old Tug MA50 and the belt loader. This time the tractor is the TLD JST-25 and the belt loader is the Tug 660. Other models such as the towbarless pushback AST-1, GPU C690 etc are still the same model, and a new GPU of TLD has also been made.

Note the two levers on the lower left hand side of the seat near the wheel.

Keep in mind that what you see, will also be produced in 1/200 and 1/72 scale, so each scale will require some modifications as well as modifications on the photo etched parts. Most of the parts such as rails will already be solid in the 1/72 scale, and some that used to be photo etched in the past for 1/144 scale, will now be solid/round such as the steering wheels, the towing bars etc.

The 1/200 scale will be the smaller scale of the family, thus I will try to keep as many detail as possible, although some will be virtually impossible and photo etched will be used instead.

Because these items and others not shown yet are new, photo etched will be designed specially for them,  thus some extra time will be required, same applies for the decal design which for some, the artwork will be readjusted.

It is a very big effort, these days I am thinking that this is like starting fresh, but I know that if I keep working hard, results will come.

I will continue doing tests every day to obtain the best results I can offer to you guys, this does not only end here, as I plan to do other parts and figures.

Lastly and although I can’t confirm it 100% because I haven’t had the chance to test it yet, a very good friend of mine has provided me with some renderings and models made acording to real Airbus geometry for sharklets, therefore some of the parts that I will include in the catalogue will be true to the real deal. He has been extremely kind to share this with me and give me the approval to put these items at your disposal for the sake of boosting the modeling experience.

I want to thank everybody who supported me during all this time since I begun and that still do, as I said, to me it is like a new start, so many new things to produce these items, of course I take a look back to see how I used to make things and I see I am taking a risk, but with the results I am seeing I think it is worth to take this chance.


More tests will continue and as soon as I progess, I will be posting here individual items and write a little bit about them, what the decals will be, which PE I want to make for them, etc.

Thank you all for the support and patience!
Best wishes,

Open post

New GSE models in the works 1/72, 1/144 and 1/200 scales

Hello all,

It has been quite some time since my last update, as some of you may have read on the latest entries, I was trying to improve some of the GSE models that are currently in the catalogue and during this process, I realized that this attempt may become just a new change entirely on the current items.

Technologies change and everything moves very fast, I enjoy building these models scratch build, but sometimes one has to face limitations (specially of time) and thus some changes need to be implemented in order to not to get extinct and to provide more variety.

This is important for example in the case of the Neo engines for which I may have made a marketing mistake. Revell models will be produced and thus these engines no longer will be required, this decision made me “waste” a very big ammount of time which I could have dedicated to other things, again, I am quite new into the airliner modeling and not up to date with what is being released. In this regard I am more focused on what I like and what other’s may like instead of searching which company made what, I always compare this to cars, a brand X will make a car and brand Y will design another but both will still be cars.
I have to say that despite of this, I am still not sure if I should discontinue the Neo engines because there is actually no point into having them, although I am pleased with the work done on these engines, economically speaking those who want to do a conversion will have a better deal purchasing a Neo Revell kit, I may still produce them until molds give up and depending on the demand.

Taking advantage of these technologies I mentioned at the beginning, my main goal is to renew completely the GSE catalogue (besides continuing producing new models) in three different scales; 1/72, 1/144 and 1/200. The 1/72 is a very big step, items in this category may be produced under demand because of the size (check out the comparision photo below of the model next to the 1/144 B767) mainly for BPK models and those who produce 1/72 airliners.

The 1/144 scale GSE will be destinated to the injected plastic kits mainly from Revell and Zvezda and the 1/200 scale GSE will be focused for Hasegawa’s 1/200 collection as well as 1/200 diecast enthusiasts.

In between these scales I may also produce these models in 1/100 scale which aren’t that far appart from the 1/144 and thus won’t require too many adjustments.
Tests are still being done, but that is my main goal at the moment. Things will change a little bit, allowing me to make these items in more detail, in different sizes and with a better control over the stock.

The Ground power unit C690 presented here still has some parts missing, photo etch is one of the materials that will still acompany these kits as well as decals. Some photo etched parts will be substituted by more solid items in the case of the tow bars of the baggage carts and trolleys for example.

This will be a little bit long project, but at the moment I am working on the items that have already been made prior getting into the new ones such as the FMC15i Universal cargo loader and the hydrant dispenser. New Tugs will substitute the MA50 which is currently discontinnued.

This is another reason why there aren’t new livery decals at the moment and why the 777 / 787 decal sets are on pause, this process is taking me most of the time, so once things are more advanced and tested, I will resume the work with the decals.

If all the above goes well, I will also try to make a new series called “Figure series”; in a similar way as the GSE models, these figures will be produced in different scales and in different case scenarios, fuel loading with an actual worker holding the fuel hose, walk around situations, boarding and ramp workers.

It is still a bit early to tell if all of this will be possible, but so far things seems to work well, I am testing every single model that I make so once the entire catalog is tested, it will then be the time of this new sets to take place.

I am in the meanwhile still working on the 747-8F/-400F detail deck set, I have cut the fuselage into three sections having 6 parts. It makes things easier to assembly specially on regards the ceiling which is currently “built in” within the fuselage. Alligment is easier thanks to the ceiling which also works as a positioning reference point.

I am fine tuning the union of the fuselages and deciding on wether the deck should be mounted first and then added to one side of the fuselage or join the 3 halves of the fuselage and insert the deck portions into each. I tested this last method and deck fits tight, no issues.
Work will continue and once these adjustments are done, I will start to add the side wall and cargo holds panel details.

That is all for now! I am going to take a few days, a couple weeks, to clean, organize, paint the work place but will continue working on these items. Store remains open but stock will be limited to what there is.

Thank you all for the patience and reading this very long entry.

Wish you all a very peaceful summer holidays and for those like me who are suffering due this terrible heat and humidity, let’s hope December will be here soon 🙂




Adjusted shipping costs – “summer holidays”

Hi guys,

I have re adjusted again the shipping costs, guess what; the shipping calculator at the postal service website was NOT working properly at the time I entered the shipping rates neither is working properly now. If I had to guess, this is all due this new shipping method is still being fixed in their postal systems.

I can however update this post after shipping the first orders with this method, that the “Paq Light” method, it is actually treated as a priority shipping, so it says on the label. So as I mentioned in earlier entries, although the shipping is a little bit more expensive than it was in the past, it is now priority.

This is something that I realized today while preparing some orders. Shop shipping rate was higher than what the postal service webform actually showed me, I went to the the shipping calculator from their site, entering the same data, and price was different, expensier on the shipping calculator, cheaper in the actual shipping preparation menu, shipping difference refunds were made to these specific orders.

What I did was to go to their 2019 shipping rates PDF file and add the ranges of different weights, up to 250, 500g etc. Now the shipping rates are accurate as per order weight as it should be, it was strange that the shipping cost was the same for 100g and 500g, but the problem was that I trusted their shipping calculator which I linked to the shipping preparation system thinking that both were the same.

Anyways, problem was taken on time and solved very quickly, shipping rates are adecuate and 100% accurate now.

Another thing I would like to mention is that we are a few days away from August. I am going to take a couple weeks of August as “holiday” to do a reorganization and cleaning of the workplace.
As some of you know, my current workplace has other stuff mixed in the room and I am actually working on having more space, add new tables, shelfs, make space for the new equipments/systems, paint the floor/walls and such.

It is the only time of the year besides Christmas that I can do this because I will need my father’s help. The store will remain open but during that time I won’t be able to make stock (except for decals) due the mess I will have in the room, so what there is currently in the store, is what will be till I can make more units after mid August.

There are going to be some changes in the current GSE catalogue, some of the products will be updated into a new version, some may have just certain parts updated and some will stay as they are. Once I have some progress of this, I will post it right here.

Thank you all for the support and patience.

Best wishes,

1/144 catering truck general build guide – Info shipping


It seems that the tests done so far come out well and thus I will be able to use this equipment for upcoming projects, this will also help me enormously with the 1/12 B737 cockpit project. Once I have more info on this and some photos, I will share them here.

On regards the new shipping methods; they have been implemented in the site, I have managed to maintain the shipping as “certified letter” for the decal sets, so purchasing up to 4 decal sets will cost a fixed price.

To outside EU, shipping costs will be 7,20 Euro for one decal set (shipping with tracking information) and for 2 to up to 4 decal sets, price will be 14,05 Euro. From 4 decal sets onwards, the shipping method will automatically change to “package” type.
For shipments of decals within Europe, shipping prices will be 6,25 Euro for one set, and from 2 to up to 4 sets, 10,40 Euro. All methods are trackeable and have more priority character than “ordinary” letter.

I have extended the shipping materials so that more chances are offered depending on the items purchased. Because “package” has dimensional weight, it really did not matter shipping 100g or 500g in the same box, but it did putting that 100g to a smaller envelope. So by changing the packaging and offering a widder range, shipping costs are adjusted to item/package.

I added a new category on top of the blog menu called “GSE builds” where you can see some progress photos and explanation on how I build these models, just for reference. So far the first model added is the catering, you can visit the new section by clicking on here.

Catering truck will be back in stock on Friday 26th.

Last weekend I have been working on the 747-8F/-400F deck set and I am glad for how things are going. Cargo holds are finished, but just the main structure, need to add the detail on the walls and side walls of the main cargo compartment.
I have been thinking what would be the best way to cast this big fuselage and the idea I had was to cut it into 3 parts; front section (nose to wing root) middle section (wing area) and rear section (from wing root to past cargo door).

This will be very useful for several resons:
– It will be easier to cast. Due the shape of the cargo holds, I would have had problems with the resin and using the quantity of silicone I am going to use to make the molds, it better come out right at once.
– It will allow me to work better and focus on each area instead of having a big plastic fuselage on the table risking to break any detail once I start working on a particular area.
– It will make things simpler for shipping purposes, no long box is required, trying to keep shipping rates as low as possible (less volume).
– Now the ceiling can be “built in”, meaning that each half will have its ceiling, therefore no need to worry to put it in one side and adjust to the other side from the interior.
– Will make things “easier” (or clearer) when converting to the -400F version.

The con may be that it would take just a little bit longer to assembly, but for that same reason it will make the kit challenging and fun.

I am getting closer to having the panels made on the inside, so once I have that done, I will update this project with some photos.

Thank you all for your support, apologies for the latest entries which have been very boring and long, but I promise new photos of new stuff in the near future!

Best wishes,


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