To make things clear


It is not usual that I write two entries in the same day, but I wanted to clarify one thing that has been bugging me for some time.

I have been told by some people (and maybe some others who had the same thing happen to them) that I have been written to and that I haven’t responded to the emails. First of all, I do respond to all the emails that I receive and to everybody who writes me, to me it is very important to know what you guys think/want/ask and request, because I am the same as yours and we like/love/enjoy the same things. So, no, I did not ignore any email, I did not forget to write or anything of the sort.
I must say that sometimes, because of I am full of stress doing everything, thinking about everything, often caring about grandma, caring about pets, sometimes takes me a couple days to answer an email, but I always end up doing so.

What happens is that the contact form servers may have a conflict to deliver a message, or my email host may have issues, or yours, who knows why an email is not delivered, I unfortunately do not have the knowledge enough to know. So for this reason, some days ago I created another account:┬áThis way, if you don’t have news from me, you can try another email which is from a well known host.

On the contact page, besides the online form, you will also find this same address, which is in an image format to avoid as much as possible the spams.

Now onto the modeling subject, this weekend I will try the belt loader at 1/200 scale, weekends are the only time when I can actually do tests of next models, because the rest of the days the equipment is used for production and there is a lot of testing required when making such small things.

Work continues.
Best wishes,