Problems and more problems

Hi all,

I remember myself writing the last entry and thinking that if nothing bad happens, I would be releasing the stairs truck at the end of the first week of March, right… so bad things happened!

No, I did not buy myself a piano… that is an apparently failure of the screen of my printer.

I have been having issues lately to get proper prints of the stairs truck, so running a check on the equipment showed this weird defect on half of the screen, whereas it should show a complete rectangle and not a series of rectangles.

This printer has been already working for some months… and as I read about it, both LCD screen and UV are prone to failure with time. A replacement is due to arrive today and I hope to fix this issue soon and mantain the release date of the stairs truck as intended.

I only have one equipment at this moment… so production have to be stopped until this issue is solved, my aim is to have more equipment in the future in order to be able to keep producing units. This is the problem of technology, it works amazingly when it works… but nothing is perfect and when things start to fail, finding a solution requires some time.

Enough chit chat, it is time for me to focus on solving these issues, and will do my best to get things back on track.

Best wishes,