1/144 Stairs truck release date, restock and figures

Dear all,

Having been able to correct and fix things with the printer, I am glad to get back on track and continue with the plans that I had, which fortunately will not change very much since I’ve been able to fix this quicker than I thought, this was for me a very good experience to learn from and understand a bit better how this equipment works.

I am at the moment packaging the first units of the stairs truck, will be producing a few other parts during this week to have everything ready for March 9th. The crew figures are giving me a bit of problems due their tiny size, I want to capture all the details so I am still adjusting some settings, they are a bit more difficult than the ramp workers to make, but I will try my best to have them ready on March 9th as well.

I am already starting to process the first 1/200 models, will produce the AST-1 F 600 first and then the Houchin GPU C690. Again, I want to capture as much detail as possible so I am sure that it will require a few trials and errors.

I would like to post an update once I can advance a little bit more with the 1/144 crew figures, so I hope to do so very soon!

Thank you all for your patience.
Best wishes,