1/144 LEAP-1A and P&W 1000G preview

Hi everybody,

As I am producing more units of GSE and figures, I am also working on the 1/144 Neo engines that I hope to release at the end of next week, this is a first preview prior decal testing and still missing the spoilers which will be a PE part.

It may be difficult to arrive on time, but I think I can. I am at this very moment designing the pylon and diffuser decals, other decals will remain from the former versions I made in the past.

These engines were made by using lots of reference photos and measurements, so I feel quite happy with the result because these are the first engines I produced in this manner, that means that I am ready for other engines regardless they were produced or not by other manufacturers in the past, I just simply want to create my own and try to detail them as much as possible.

In a few days I will be indicating at the store under each item the date when it will become available again. You will notice that by seeing a date under the product availability, so now it is more informative, besides subscribing for notification, you can also get an exact date when it will be ready.

At the moment, this is a bit risky, because I do not have spare tools or another equipment yet, so once I can set a restocking date, it will mean that the items are created but pending yet to be cut/bagged/PE created.

Restocking will not take that much as it took me before, I am trying to have a balance of work, restock, and create the new stuff which I keep in mind, the sharklets, more GSE for 1/200 and the two big projects; the 747-8F/-400F and the 1/12 B737 cabin.

Work continues, wish everybody is safe and healthy.