A reflexion on the A330 and the 747-8F/-400F project

Dear all,

Prior writing about the A330 and the 747-8F/-400F, I would like to mention that tomorrow I will set available the Neo engines, will also restock some of the figures and will be restocking the various GSE during next week. Gpu’s are coming first, then belt loader, stair truck and pushbacks. It is impossible for me to do all at once, so each model (or two models) will have the same release date which you will be able to see in product page.
I am also doing some minor changes at my workplace, adding extra lighting, a ceiling fan (I really, really needed this) and reorganizing the areas where I do each process.

Now onto the 747-8F/-400F, I am going to purchase another freighter kit, because I consider that things can be done differently now that I can use the 3D. I think that the fuselage I was using does not fit the criteria I want for this, I am still thinking about the main deck, the fuselage differences of the Revell-Zvezda kits… so although the work is on pause, it is not so in my mind.

I have been working on the A330 sharklets, this aircraft is one of my favourites and I wanted to purchase another of Revell’s kit, but it seems to me that the A330-300 is discontinued, at least, it is not in stock on most of online hobby stores, it may be found at eBay I guess, but I do not want that… I want something more permanent…

So I was thinking… what if I make my own? I think that if Revell’s A330 is discontinued, having another A330 on the market would also give an extra chance to decal makers and aircraft accessories such as engines, both already in the market for the Revell kit, that could also be used on this A330.
If I am going to make the A330, it would already be with a built in cargo holds and galleys, not planning the interior because to be honest, 2mm windows does not show much, but I would like to make clear passenger and cockpit windows.

This would definitely be a big challenge for me, another project that may pile on the top of what I already have, so I am going to leave this as “wish” at the moment, because for current projects (other than GSE) is the 747-8F/-400F main deck detail set and the 1/12 B737 cockpit which is still progressing.

I hope to have a chance this weekend to paint the spotters figures since I haven’t been able to do this before.

Wish you are all safe,