1/144 Schopf F210

Hello everyone,

I was finally able to fix some issues I had with the F210 tow tractor and like his brothers, the F59 and the F110, it is ready to begin production.

The basic (generic) decals for the F59 and F110 have been made, next step is to make those for the F210 and make the corresponding windshields. I will also try to make new PE wipers for these tow tractors. I must apologize for the photo, due its exposure, half of the details aren’t visible.

I am having my goal set with the next and probably final Schopf model, the F396, but I will attempt to make the newer version. Hopefully I can be on time to have these new tow trucks available by the end of November as during December, I plan to work on the Komatsu WT500E and WT250E (probably will also produce the WT150E) prior getting into the “big” projects for 2022 (B747 cargo and 1/12 B737 cabin).

I have been reworking the towbars; the A320 (longer) towbar had to be divided into three sections, the reason for this was due a deformation that happens naturally to the photopolymer resin, this is one of the issues that occurs in 3D printing when trying to make long thin parts.

The first test with these three sections was successful, but for better visual alignment reference, I will be making another small adjustment.

These towbars will include a thin wire so that you can make the handles as well as small decals with the markings of different airliners, so that these towbars can have a little bit more detail on them.

The B787-9 cargo holds are at a very important stage now, I will have the first set of casted ones and it will be interesting to see how they come out.
If the result is successful, I will be able to present to you the final product by next weekend.

That is all for now, work continues.
Take good care everyone.

Best wishes,