GSE models info

Hello everyone,

While I am progressing with the final molds of the B787, I wanted to share some more info regarding the GSE models.

As mentioned in previous updates, I am revising the GSE models that I made so far in order to be able to produce them in various scales and also very importantly, be able to produce them in current and future gen printers.

I nearly finished revising the AST-1 F 600 in 1/144 scale, however, because I had a request from last year, I made a one-off build in 1/87 scale. This will be my last request for now as I need to keep my full attention with the B787 and continue the work of the B747.

My objectives with this GSE revision are:
Produce the cabs in transparent resin for all scales, including painting masks for the windows and other areas such as the wheels.
For the smaller scales such as 1/200 and 1/144, wipers and window frames will most probably be a decal, while wipers in 1/72 will be vinyl as presented in this 1/87 build.
Mirror-finish vinyl will be included for the driving mirrors.
I would like to avoid photo etching if possible, this adds another range of material and extra time which can be saved in nowadays printing, example; the front grid of the AST-1 was presented in photo etch while currently, both this 1/87 version and 1/144 variant are 3D printed. The 1/200 will be a more difficult scale due the smaller size, but it will also be produced one way or another.
I will be adding more detail whenever possible within limitations.
A revision of the instructions is also done with better colors/illustrations.

I had a request from a GSE company so the current model being revised is the catering truck, working on the Volvo FL Electric chassis/cab, a quite new (2023) model. This may mean that I will not only have several cab models, but also chassis types according to each manufacturer. The models requested as finished will be in 1/100, but the kit will be produced in 1/200, 1/144 and 1/72.

Before I finish my update, I want to share a couple new galleries from two fellow Italian modelers, Maurizio and Filippo.

Gallery to Maurizio:

Gallery to Filippo:

Hope to be sharing another update soon with more info on the B787.
Best wishes,