B787 Progress and videos

Hello everyone,

I have been doing more progress on the B787 project, I have finished the work of the galleys for my example/test model and I am also currently at the very last stage on the mold making. I had several issues with certain silicone since my “go to” type was out of stock, I had to change materials and I did find some issues along the way that are now solved.

I decided to drop the 787-8 project, the “primed” version, in order to focus all my time on the B787-9 which encompasses everything of the -8 plus the fusealge extensions. Building the B787-9 is basically also continuing the -8 but this time with a final livery.

I tried to take these photos as you would see the parts in real life, they are smaller and the detail is much sharper than in my photos, I hope to get a better camera in the future.

I also have been working on the progress videos, they are now uploaded on Youtube, so you can follow the process of this build from start to finish, so far I uploaded 3 parts, the following part will be of the cockpit assembly and the placement of the galleys on the interior of the fuselage.

The B787 is not the only project I am working on, I am also remodeling the GSE catalog for the reasons mentioned in previous entries. I am currently working on the catering model for which I have something important to say that I can’t say just yet, I am working hard to have a better GSE catalog and bring it to different scales.

I aim to finish the mold making for the B787 parts this upcoming week, after that, the final parts for the initial stock will be started.

I hope everyone is doing well, will be sharing more progress as soon as I have more. For the next time I will also be uploading new friends galleries.

Best wishes,