B787 Stand alone versions (part 2)

Hello everyone,

In today’s update I wanted to share the stand alone versions of the cargo hold modules for the B787 variants; 8 and 9.

I am currently working on the webshop, you may still find some links and menu buttons not working properly, especially the new menu which is currently under revision by tech support since it is not working on the mobile version yet.

The catalog has been trimmed down greatly which saddens me, but I take it as a new opportunity to improve the models that I made in the past and bring them in 1/72 and 1/200 as well.
I also have been able to bring to the 1/200 scale items such as ramp figures, ground cones, chocks and the new 50kg fire extinguisher set.

I will be restocking again certain items as well as release new things on next Friday, at the same time as the B787 items.
To me, it feels like starting the business again, having trimmed down the entire GSE catalog with the first new versions still in progress (the AST-1 F 600 and the catering truck) but I will do my best to put in the new models everything I have learned and the details that nowadays printing technology allow to do.

I will be giving a quick update in a couple days to share some renders of the B747-8F and give a general idea on what direction I will take after the release of the B787 items.

My current B787-9 build is progressing slowly, I am at the painting stage still, having had issues with my air compressor, these issues translated on bad priming coat so I am taking my time to correct things and get it back on track again.

That is all for now,
Best wishes,