B787 Project, final thoughts

Hello everyone,

I thought in the past that I would never be able to write this new update today, but after so many difficulties along the way, I finally have everything ready and done for the 787 release tomorrow at around 4 pm CEST (Central European Summer Time) (well, with the exception of the -10 extensions, but that will come later on as I need a break from the 787).

I started and done this project three times as far as I can remember, this new modification or improvement that I wanted to do took me two years, silly me thinking it would take me two weeks…

I learned a great deal, I learned how not to do business, I learned about materials and about 3D modeling as well. When I first started improving this set, which in the end, it turned out to be a completely new model, it never crossed my mind how risky this was, I just have two hands and that meant that fully focusing on this was not giving me enough time to focus on keeping the store “alive”, so it feels like being at the bottom of the hill again, trying to climb up and trying to have a decent catalog of products again, since as you may already know, all the GSE made so far (and most figure sets) has been discontinued in order to release new improved versions and also in the other scales (1/72 and 1/200) as well. More about this in this new section of the shop by clicking here.

Now that the website and the blog are refreshed, I was able to add the various new products and the new menu at the shop allowing a faster navigation through the shop, this time with the three major scales, 1/72, 1/144 and 1/200. I am therefore doing the latest arrangements, adding more info to some product descriptions and adding more photos.
One thing I know for sure is that I am never ever going to make a product like the 787 full set to be that much customizable, I ended up with 45000+ combinations which in the end gave me some issues when preparing the product page and you will notice a slight delay of like 10 seconds to fully load it.
The product page for the full set is not presented yet, but it will become live tomorrow, for reference I thought to share the layout and the prices for every module or “addon” to the base set, each selection will increase or decrease (if unselect) the price:

The next “big” project after the 787 is the 747-8F, but if I continue with it is because it is mostly done with only the fuselage needed to be printed and casted because at this point I need to set aside the “larger” projects and focus on “smaller” things to keep things running in the meantime.

The 787 fuselage was/is my first resin casted fuselage, I did learn several things during the process, things that I will apply on the 747 and my objective is to make the 747 fuselage complete.
At the moment, the wingroot is prepared for the Revell kit, but I will also try to make a version for the Zvezda model.

I am saving more on the 747 for another update, I just simply wanted to thank everyone for your support during these couple years of me providing updates on the 787 bit by bit, thank you for the messages, the emails and the comments that I receive.

Lastly, I wanted to share the part 7 of my B787-9 build progress, hopefully I will have some modeling time during the weekends and finally complete this project:

That is all for now, I hope you will like the 787 items, I did it the best way I could with the knowledge I had at the time, always keeping in mind the responsability to do something justice and to make this wait and efforts well worth it.

Best wishes,