1/200 Hasegawa B747-400 Air China

Model specifications:

– Brand: Hasegawa
– Scale: 1/200

– Tamiya TS 26
– Lifecolor Grey FS16515
– Montana Colors Chrome
– Vallejo Oily steel and Luftwaffe uniform
– Maxi Clear HS300
– Titán oils Marrón Pardo 76 and Azul Ultramar 56


– Home made decals
– Scratch built engines
– Scratch build landing gear doors, APU details
– Detailed landing gears

Build project explanation:

I have started this airliner project after considering that the 1/200 scale, in my opinion, has a good catalog of models made by Hasegawa and that their size is proper due space in difference with the 1/144 scale.

I think I will only build 1/144 scale models in few occasions while I want to focus on the 1/200 scale.

For this project I use the old “ANA” version of the Hasegawa kit, to which I have made some modifications, they are:

– Added details for the landing gear.
– Replaced the landing gear doors for a thinner and better shaped doors made of styrene.
– Modified the wheels to represent the weight.
– New detailed APU exhaust and near area.
– Represented the “shut down” effect on the wings and horizontal stabilizers.
– Completely created a new sets of Pratt and Whitney engines in resin.

As for the paintings, I used the LifeColor grey with the Federal Standard code FS16515 which I think due the different resources from Internet, is the correct “grey Boeing”. This color is used for the wings, horizontal stabilizers, engines and lower part of the fuselage.

Decals are home made and in the photos below it can be seen that the design was firstly printed on paper to check size and positioning.