1/35 Hobbyboss – PLA ZTZ99B

Model specifications:

– Brand: Hobbyboss
– Scale: 1/35

Detail sets:

Photo etched:
– E.T. Model ref E35-008
– Voyager Model ref PE35323

– Bronco Models ref AB3533

– Dream model ref DM0403

– Vallejo light green 942
– Vallejo buff 70976
– Tamiya Nato black XF-69
– Tamiya Field grey XF-65


Kit build:

Opinion about the kit:

Surprises the order in the placement of the pieces and the care in its presentation, furthermore the box is made with cardboard but not the typical cardboard, this one is thicker producing a more robust box that does not deform when holding it with the hands. The kit comes with a blueprint of the real size of the model to use as reference when painting the digital camo and two sheets full color of the different camouflages. The kit also includes its respective decals and a small set of photo etched parts. The quality of the plastic parts is excellent, however if you plan to add lots of photo etched parts, you will spend a long time sanding down the plastic details, that also means that by itself, this kit has very nice details.


Opinion about the photo etched parts:

The photo etched parts I’m going to use are from the brands E.T Model (ref E35-008) and Voyager Model (ref PE35323). The motive of using two photoetched sets of different brands for this model is because the supplier did not have in stock the completed photoetched set (detail set + sideskirts ref E35-008 + E35-011) unfortunately I was able to see that both parts doesn’t fit too well, I had to add an extension in the rear fender to match the corner of the rear sideskirt.


Opinion about the tracks:

For the tracks I choose the ones from Bronco Models (ref AB3533) which represents the rubber tracks type, due to the tank being used in asphalt roads, the steel tracks are replaced by rubber tracks. The kit assembling allows the track to be fully movable, allowing the free movement for each section.


Opinion about the figures:

The figures I am going to use represent the Chinese Parade in 2009. The kit consists of three figures in 1/35 scale made of resin, the instructions with details about paints and decals for the camouflage of the clothes as well as the helmets. The kit also includes litle photoetched parts for the microphones, the symbol for the helmet and the belt logo. The brand is Dreammodel (ref DM0403). The explanations about the decal placement are in chinese but the detailed scheme is easy to understand and allow you to place the decals without confusion.

If you cannot find this brand for the figures, Trumpeter released a box set on 2016 with tank figures, set reference number 00431.