Adding the first details

(this post was first published in January 29th, 2017).

As the poll at the other version of the site has ended, the Do&Co, the Air China and the New Rest versions have been removed from the project. Alpha LSG Sky Chefs will be available at first with only 2 units.

I have started to work with the transmission as well as added some utility boxes and the fuel tank on the right side.

The first steps with the bridge have been done, the photo etched from the photo on the left is just the main basic shape to see the action and later the handrails will be added. The bridge has to move up and down because it has to rest on top of the cabin when the compartment is lowered.

At this moment I am working with the wheels and cabin, which will be the Man TGL version. Cabin that hopefully can be used in the future with an hydrant model.

It took me time to advance with the catering because the decals artwork took also a lot of time, they are now ready to be printed.