Upcoming updates – GSE future

Hello everyone,

There are a couple updates I would like to share in the next few days, no pictures yet but I plan to upload them in due course.

I’ve been able to work a little bit more on the 747-8F side cargo door and I am happy with the results, although there are still some more details to be added. I have also temporarily attached the cockpit as it is literally the ceiling of the cargo compartment, I will extend the cockpit floor as it marks where there is a kind of cut on the cargo deck ceiling (floor of the crew rest area).

I have also done a good progress on the livery decals, successfully printed a set which I am going to put on practice during the Christmas holidays (or earlier) as I will be taking a little break at that time.
I will upload a few pictures of these as well as screenshots that will show the new organized layout for each decal section. I chose Brussels Airlines A320 since it is a small aircraft and a livery that has both colors on white and white markings on dark areas.

Lastly, during the next year I plan to refresh the GSE troop, the FMC15i and the Tug MA50 will most surely be discontinued as I am really looking forward to make new versions (Charlette for the tug first, and other manufacturers later on) with more detail and with a more accurate relationship between size and realism.

For this reason, I thought that the next cargo loader will not have a system to raise or lower their platforms, but rather easily interchangeable sills/platforms with different heights which will allow me to focus on scale/size/detail rather than thinking how to make these things move up and down and sacrifice realism.
This is very important specially because the new cargo loader will have the option to be displayed with the double sill for the bridge, this will be produced having in mind the heights of the 747F nose to floor and/or side cargo door as well as other freighter models.

Come to this conclusion has also been good for two other reasons; to apply the same system to the future 1/144 hydrant dispenser truck and to be able to implement the interchangeable sills in a future possible 1/200 cargo loader. Making a realistic/scaled version with movable bridge/platform has always been a nightmare for me when I was thinking about 1/200 scale, these GSE aren’t toys after all, they don’t have to move up and down since we don’t play with them… so selecting different heights for different aircraft/situations fulfills the purpose.


After this very long entry today, I hope to be able to upload a few photos during the next days.

Best wishes,