LD3 containers


This week has been quite the “software” week. I’ve had some issues that prevented me to do the progress I wanted on the GSE items.
I had issues with my printers, and also running out of space in my hard disk, the cherry at the top of the cake has been a cut on my thumb but without major issue.

In any case, all the issues avobe are being addressed, some seem to be fixed, some seem to require just a bit more work, but all in all nothing that can’t be solved with a little bit of patience as most of you know, sometimes software issues are really annoying, updates, drivers etc.

I have been able to do a first initial test of the LD3 containers. I have done 3 different versions this time, these are; a solid unit, a solid unit with a side door and fork lifting holes and a side tarpaulin door version, all of them based on real LD3 units.

I did have a chance to test the clear resin and I am afraid I may give up that idea. Being unable to cure the resin to avoid the yellowing for that thin thickness is making the cabins way too fragile, so instead I will add a frame on the grey resin versions so that the acetate sheet can be placed from the outside in the case of the front/rear windshields and from the inside in the case of the windows, which is how windshields are placed on the real vehicles. It will be similar as those windows placed on the old catering truck cabin.

Lastly, I am doing the final tests on the belt loader model Tug 660 and finishing the figures, I seem to still have a little issue on the helmets, so I will rework the area.

November is right at the corner and I set that month for the release of the GSE items. Instructions are nearly completed, decals are completed as well except for the belt loader and the LD3 containers, photo etch for the items that require it have been designed and some yet to fit-test.

I know that time will be required to create the stock units since there are basically zero units made yet, however before that I want to fully focus onto the 1/200 GSE models and see if I can have them also available for the global release of both scales in November (around mid-end). If I see that I won’t be able to arrive with all the 1/200 models, I will then release all of what I have in 1/144 scale and release as much as I have for the 1/200 scale models at that time.

Wish you all a nice week and hopefully I can share a bit more on next weekend, before I finish this entry, I would like to wish you all a happy Halloween and a good day for All Saint’s Day. Winter is coming where I am located at, temperatures are more comfortable than those hot humid days, and feels better to stay in the warmth of home, hopefully that can give me more comfort to work and focus with everything as much as possible.