Finally restocks and releases

Dear all,

Just a very quick update to inform that the new releases and the 1/144 GSE items have been restocked.

The reason for this long delay and long time out of stock was due the change I made on the parts, from being pre cut (which took me forever) to having them orderly placed and numbered on platforms.

From now on, I will continue restocking progressively and will also update the very few items remaining to apply this change, which are; the trolleys and baggage carts although they are all in stock at the moment.

Work continues and I am currently working on the 1/144 catering truck (which is at 60%) B787-8/B787-9 cargo holds, 1/12 B737 cabin and the coming up project B747-8F main deck set (as well as cargo holds). Also, working on the livery decals illustrations.

Thank you all for the support and patience waiting for those items, I am fully dedicated to it, so I hope these will be of your liking and pleasure.

Best wishes,