1/144 Mallaghan CT6000 first preview

Dear all,

Today after seven months since I started this project, it is finally seeing its end.
I would like to share with you the photos of the test-fitting models which are the first ones made in order for me to see that all parts fit properly, some required a redesign, but all in all I am very satisfied with the result.

There are a couple things missing from these pictures, one is the compartment, the compartment which is were the food carts are stored is already made, but these parts in particular will be made with polyurethane resin, as you know, some of the GSE kits combine different kind of materials more suitable for each type of part.

Another detail missing that is already done though, are the figures. The set will include a loading (or unloading) figure with a food cart and the driver in a seated position.

This catering will be available with a choice for the cabin, it will be available with the Mercedes Atego cabin or the Ford F-750 cabin.

The Ford F-750 cabin has a higher CG and bigger wheels, therefore, the choice for this cabin will also include the correspondent wheels (for both, cabin and chassis).

You will have the freedom to either glue the side guards or not. Some real caterings do not have side guards and some have even less accessories attached to the chassis.

For the scissors, they will reach the maximum height of 41mm which is the equivalent to the real model limit which can rise up to 6 meters (tall enough to service most if not all airliners). The minimum height is determined by the cabin height which is also produced in scale taking into consideration the measures of the real models.

The set also includes a representation of the lifting rear platform, which is in retracted position and located under the chassis.

Note that, the Mercedes representation in this publication is not fully finished, for example, driving mirrors were not added yet.

This project is or has been a quite complex one for me personally. The level of creation was not as complex as the Commander cargo loader, but it surely will take me some time to have the first model done and painted, for which I am going to take the chance to record the building process.

Now time will be focused on making their correspondent decals for which at first, I plan to do the following handlers:

– Delta.
– Jal Royal Catering.
– ANA Catering Service.
– Dnata.
– Emirates Flight Catering.
– Lufthansa Service LSG Sky Chefs.
– LSG Sky Chefs.
– Alpha LSG Sky Chefs.
– Gategourmet.
– Servair.
– KLM Catering Services.
– Q Catering.
And some that I am considering as well:
– Beijing Air Catering (including the Chinese lettering).
– AeroMar (including the Russian lettering).
– Southwest (although I believe they use smaller catering trucks).
– Cathay Pacific.
And maybe some others I may find as to give as many options as possible depending on which diorama or scenery you would like to represent. If you would like some that are not in the list, please do feel free to contact me and let me know which catering handlers are out there that I can also represent.

In terms of production, this model is a slower product to produce due the size of the parts and the quantity and variety. Material-wise, this product will include parts made in polyurethane resin, photopolymer resin, photo etch (wipers), acetate, plastic and decal, so it will be the most complex to restock.

Also, note that my camera is not so good at closeups, but upon inspection of the rims for example, you can actually see the screws.

I am still aiming to have the first units ready around the mid-end October.
I know that I should not look at things negatively, but I wanted to make other GSE models this year that I haven’t been able to, such as the hydrant truck and a towbar tractor, they are all still in the list.
Motivation is very important to me and these last couple months are difficult and a lot goes through my mind, however, I also have hopes in the decal liveries for which I nearly finished the A320 illustrations as well as for upcoming projects such as the B747 cargo deck set and the B737 1/12 cabin.

There may not be any other new 1/144 GSE from here till next year, as I will probably take this time to start converting more 1/144 GSE models into 1/200 despite the low demand that they had upon the release of 1/200 belt loader, which, I must admit, has been the desmotivation to continue converting models to 1/200 scale throughout the year.

From the beginning of the release of the 1/200 belt loader, no new units of this model needed to be done, which means that stock that was initially done is still there, thus I cannot have products hanging on the wall that won’t produce any income, as this is a beloved hobby and a hobby/work for me, I must also think in the future of the business, so if I feel the 1/200 scale may not take off, I will probably invest the time in the other 1/144 airliner projects that I wanted to start this year.

That is all for now, work continues and hopefully next time I can have more things to share.
Best wishes,