Projects update and more information

Hello everyone,

In recent days I went through a cold which prevented me from working for a couple days as much as I wished, but I have managed to work on other areas and move some projects forward.

Before getting into details for the specific projects, I would like to say that I am aiming to restock GSE and figures on April 15th at the latest.

As most of the GSE parts are completed, I am focusing on making PE parts for them as well as finishing packaging, this includes the making of the instructions for the new TUG660 model. As the open baggage cart model is out of stock, I may be doing a remodel on these and create a third set type which will have some sort of cloth covers.

I am also making more units than what I used to produce before for certain items.
I will be updating the product page galleries as there have been some minor changes in some GSE models, those changes are related more to material than shape changes in the parts, for example, bodies resin casted instead of resin printed (keeping the same quality and detail) some changes in the stairs truck by switching from the 1,5 metallic rods to 1,5 plastic rods as well as resin printed handrails rather than resin casted handrails.

Onto the individual projects:

The first step on the B747-8F/400F project will be presented in the next update. I had to make some decisions which I will discuss in the next update. Things are getting much clearer in my mind about this, and there was only one way to go with it in the end. The set will be mainly made for Revell’s version of their 747-8i and 8F although with some modifications it will most probably also be usable for Zvezda’s 747-8i.

Without changing the 747 subject, I would like to present a very early progress photo of the winglet.

The winglet fits the Zvezda kit, but I still have to check if it fits the Revell one as well. There is a lot of work to do on them, adjust the leading edge and its profile line, sand the overall wingtip down to remove some marks and adjust the lower section of the airfoil.
I am also considering what to do with the wingtip light, thus far it is engraved, but I may make it separate from the wingtip and have it done in green/red translucent for better finish and save you on painting them.

If I go this route, the wingtip light will be hollow to allocate a very small led should you like to add lighting to the model.


The 1/72 Schopf F59 is progressing very well, however, I had to remake the cabin for better production and at the same time, more enjoyment for building. The interior is 95% completed, while the body also had to be remade.

Both the cabin and body are going to be resin casted.

The new belt loader TUG660 was completed, instructions will be designed shortly.

The new model is more detailed and better represented after new references I was able to find. It also includes a driver figure and will include the 5 baggage pieces.

For reference, the model with some other GSE around. This is the furthest I can go in terms of rising and lowering parts with rods and tubes as I am using a 0,5mm rod and a 0,6mm tube. In order to keep things in scale this was necessary.

This is one of the main differences from the previous version, there is a structure that pivots with the rod/tube for lowering/raising the conveyor. Also, the body (resin casted) comes in one piece now.

The antennae pack is coming along very well:

These antennas are quite small, I am still thinking if I shall provide the mixed set or make sets of the same type of antenna. Since there are several types on an aircraft, I think a mix is ideal, later sets will follow for radomes and a set of pitot tubes.

The antennae list on this set is:

1- ELT S65-1231 (x12)
2- UHF S65-1227 (x12)
3- ELT S65-8282-406 (x12)
4- UHF S65-8282-330 (x12)
5- UHF Satcom s65-8282-336 (x6)
6- Glideslope S41422-6 (x12)
7- UHF S65-1016-10 (x18)
8- ADS-B/L BAND (x24)
9- GPS S67-1575-133 (x21)
10- Marker beacon S35-1000-1 (x9)

That is all for now, I am continuing on packaging items, making their PE and progressing on the new projects, for the next update I will dedicate an entry solely to the B747-8F / 400F project.

Best wishes,