New stock uploaded – Packaging information

Hello everyone,

The GSE items, accessories and (some) of the figures have been restocked. I am also planning to make more units of those that are in low stock at the moment.

As I mentioned, a new set of baggage carts and an update will be done to the current ones.

I finally managed to add the new packaging so hopefully it is going to work well.

Here is a couple images for your reference:

As I mentioned before, the reasons are mainly two, one is to protected more the items and second to save on shipping costs as opposed of using only one box and having unused space, so this way more options are given, you can choose whichever box you want your items to be shipped in (as long as they fit). Envelope will still be used for small items.

Also, the website core is quite complex regarding the shipping and how the calculations are done, I was unable to find more precise solutions, but I am sure that the current setup will work properly.

Now I will continue with the production of the B787-9 cargo holds and therefore prepare these items for release as well as the stock of the B787-8/9 galleys.

I keep working on the ongoing projects as well, I hope to share some more progress soon.

Take good care everybody.
Best wishes,