Last update of the year

Hello everyone,

Thought to write the last entry of the year and share with you the progress on my test build for the 787.
So far everything is going well and I can confirm that problems with the transparent parts have been overcomed, finally.

I would write a very long post about how this year has been, those who know me well already know, and from here I thank them, and I thank every one of you for all the support that is actually the base for me to continue doing what I do.

I have a lot of desire to create; the 787 has been a project that kind of kept me stuck, that is not good for a business but I learned, I learned a lot from it and surely this will be applied in the upcoming projects, the nearest being the B747-8F full open.

Several things will come with that project, I want to also touch the cargo operations so I would like to do several cargo elements.
The 747-8F is advanced, it was advanced before I worked on the 787, so most of the parts were printed, some were already casted, so basically the only part that needs testing and printing is the fuselage. After release, I will start with the -400F and BDSF versions as well and I plan to make conversion sets for the current 8F/8i kits.

I look for 2024 to be a year with new GSE, but also finally be able to transfer this to 1/200 and 1/72 scales as well. The fuel truck and hydrant truck have been requested for a long time, so my eyes and the plans are on those models first, but by no means they are going to be the only ones for next year.

I have three different stages, I want a release of the B787 on January, for Q1 I plan the release of the B747-8F and alongside I will also be preparing a restock of the items at the shop, as it pains me to say that the B787 took all the time and resources, I need to get things back in stock. For the upcoming restock on Q1, there will be several modifications to some models, like transparent cabins for all the trucks, I am also studying to do the same for the tow tractors, for sure this will also be the case for the catering truck, which will have new cabins, so far done the Isuzu N75 and the Econic 1824. will follow a Ford (model yet to determine) and a MAN TGL.

Seeing how affects working on a long project, I have to schedule myself better, I still have a large project in the 1/12 B737NG cockpit, so it is essential not pausing this long, because later is harder to continue, so that is why I am going to dedicate the time better between designing and restocking, leaving the weekends to my own modeling time which is something that I really missed this year, and now that I work on my test build for the 787 I really look forward to have weekends for my own time.

Here are the photos of how the 787 is at the moment. I must say that the cockpit windshields and radome are not glued yet, the radome is a new detailed version of the Panasonic which will be replaced at the store soon.

It has been a challenge to assembly the model as you see it so far, but I enjoyed every single minute, I only wish I could have painted the galleys, then I would have added a nice livery, but it will be later on, on two finished models that I would like to make (on the weekends) so right now as I am testing the “full set” I am also testing and recording the stand alone versions of the forward galley/cockpit, forward/aft holds and rear galley for the Revell/Zvezda model kits.

Having had the time to build this test model also allowed me to better write tips in the instructions, changed a few steps on how to assembly certain areas.
This will be a “primer version”, at first just simply grey, but I think I will go for white gloss fuselage and grey wings/ horizontal stabilizer. The next step will be to add the cockpit windshield, nose cone and tailfin before starting the painting stage. A vinyl mask set will also be available to cover the windows before painting.

Alright everyone, will be posting again soon, but next photos will be of this test build completed. In the meanwhile, I keep on working on the stock for these (many) B787 parts.

Until next!
Best wishes,