B787 Stand alone versions (part 1)

Hello everyone,

In today’s update I am sharing the work done with the stand alone versions of the 787.
Some of you may be confused and ask what is the difference between these and the full set, the main difference is that the full set includes the improved fuselage and the possiblity to add the center galleys (as well as customize what module is included or not) and the stand alone versions include the corresponding fuselage sections for the particular module, that is; the cockpit & L1/R1 galley, L4/R4 galley, FWD cargo hold and AFT cargo hold, all of these are going to be available separately and meant to be used with the kit’s fuselage.

The first B787 sets (full and stand alone) are starting to be packaged, it does take a bit of time as there are several parts and I am doing the printing of the instructions as well as the packaging itself, but that is another part of my work that I really enjoy.

In the middle of next week I will give a release date, there are a couple loose ends that I need to tie up and after that, I will have all needed for the 100% completion.

I need to advance with my own 787-9 build, but I also had to build the stand alone versions as example, of which results are the same as it would be seen in the full set (for the corresponding area). For the next weekend I plan to do a “part B” where I will share the cargo hold modules assembled and will try to find time during the week to progress on my build, which I must do as I am also in the middle of editing part 7 for the Youtube series.

Prior I finish this entry, I wanted to share a beautiful model that was given to me by my dear friend Frank, whose work left me speechless, the Lockheed L-1049 Super Constellation in Iberia colors that not only was given on a base with its case, but also with working lights and engines, such a wonderful model which you can see at Frank’s gallery clicking on the image below:

I will be writing another update during the middle of next week.
Best wishes,