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I have recently finished the guide I was working on alongside the China Airlines A350 build. I truly hope it can be of help, I know most of us modelers know these basic steps, but I tried to give some tips on mistakes and problems I found during the time, so I hope you won’t come accross with them and avoid issues on your model.

Lastly, I would like to comment that  I am working on two new A350 liveries and will upload the profile images in the next week.

Click on below image to download the PDF guide:

Airbus A350 China Airlines “pheasant” – decaling process

Hello everyone,

It has been quite some time since my last post, but I have been working on the A350 that I wanted to build prior launching the new online store.

This project is serving as an example for a guide that I am currently writing where I explain tips form errors I learned in the past on painting and decaling, and also to test/show some of the decals we have been working on.

This is a photo of the decaling process, I am hoping to apply the final clear coat this weekend, so it will be finished soon.

The store is being fine tuned even more, tests have been done with good results and there has been a lot of artwork adjustments for the decals recently. Material is still on the way, but I keep my plan of opening the new store during the second week of this month.

Best wishes,

Open post

A350 livery decals preview #1 – New feature

Hello everybody,

I have received from Rob at Wessex Transfers, the first test print of the A350 livery decal that I’ve been working on for the last month. As I have been mentioning in the blog, it will feature two new decal types which I think, haven’t been done before in this particular case.

This decal feature consists on a decal that represents the window shades and inner frames and it is placed on top of the transparent plastic windows, but it is not placed on top of the exterior of the windows, but on the inside, on the flat surface of the transparent plastic part.
Rob’s long time experience working with decals has allowed for this new type of decal that will increase the realism in the airline models.

Here is an example and a brief explanation of how it works:

The actual color that you can see from the windows sheet, is not the actual result but just the back of the decal.

Additionally, the metallic frames can be later placed on the fuselage as always.

Currently, there will be another feature for the cockpit windows that has yet to be tested.

The livery decals for the A350 done so far are:
– Generic decal set.
– China Airlines “Pheasant”.
– Cathay Pacific.

The decals will include windows in this way:
– Photo realistic windows with metallic frames.
– Metallic window frames
– And yet to determine if the interior window decals will be included in the liveries or will be available separately.

Extra metallic frames for the windows are included as to place them on top of the photo realistic windows + metallic frames after clear coating. For the reason that metallic may get dull after a thick clear coat which modifies the way the light reflects on the metal particles (similar if we clear coat a chrome part, it will become silver).
These extra metallic frames can also be placed later if using the interior window decals as I mentioned above.

The A350 decals feature other elements such as other metallic details, metallic wing leading edges (no more masking the wings other than for the coroguard), and metallic leading edges for the horizontal and vertical stabilizers.

These images are a first preview of the China Airlines “Pheasant livery”:

You can always reduce the chrome effect of the leading edges if desired, by applying more clear coats.

The interior windows decal feature will also be done for other model aircrafts for which we plan to make more liveries such as the B777 and we also may include these for older models.

In the meantime I am also working on the remaining stock units, so hopefully everything will be done in a few weeks.

This is the preview no.1 of the process-tutorial I want to write on the build of the A350 China Airlines “Pheasant”, so I hope to start this build in the upcoming days.

Best wishes,


Upcoming livery decals – GSE stock started


I have recently started to make the stock units for the GSE using the new molds. I am happy with the result as from what I saw, I can produce these resin parts just a little bit quicker than before without sacrificing detail and more orderly. It was really pointless to have so many molds per model, so organizing the parts properly made me save some time.

This was done because of what I have learned after casting each new model I made and after many trials and errors on the way, so I applied these techniques for the older models in the process of renewing the molds.

On the other hand, I have been working on a new livery decal set, this time for the Airbus A350. So far I have made a generic base decal and the China Airlines “Pheasant” livery.

I want to try something new for this model, so once I receive the first print, I will mention more about it and actually do a little review of the A350 decals.

I also want to write a post in the next days with a list of upcoming GSE and airliner items that I intend to make, so although I will be busy in the next weeks preparing the stock, I will also keep on thinking on the next projects.

Hopefully this weekend I can have some time to work on the PFD and ND of the B737 cabin project.


Best wishes,


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