New molds finished and tested

Hello everyone,

I have been working during the last days into the new molds and finally I finished to make them all. As I explained in my previous post, some parts that were more complex to cast than others, were splitted to make an easier cast and therefore having better molds which result in a quicker and easier work.

I have made a test with the FMC15i cargo loader with the new molds, these don’t change the final aspect, but this was needed to check if all the parts from the new molds fitted well as this is one of the most complex GSE models I made so far. While I was building this model I took photos of the entire process which I hope to upload here and hopefully these can assist on your build.

The WiFi (Honeywell’s Jetwave MCS 8200) radome has also been casted and will be available once the online store is open. In the photos below it was tested on an A350.

I wanted to advance with the B737 cabin project during the last holiday, but I had some issues making the PFD and ND displays so I am hoping to fix that during the next weekend. I did not have much free time to advance with the cabin as my main goal was to finish the new molds. Now that they are finished, I am starting to make new units of these GSE items.

I will update the blog in a few days with some info on the livery decals and the upcoming stock.


Best wishes,