Happy Holidays to everyone

Hello all,

With a little bit of delay, I want to wish you all a very happy holidays!
2019 is around the corner and I do hope from heart that we can all be in good health and doing what makes us the happiest.

I personally have lots of projects for this coming year, (perhaps too many!) but I will be putting all my effort in every single thing, that is why sometimes things take such a long time to be completed, you can’t rush something that you do from heart.

I have been off from work (with model items) for a few days, mainly focusing onto adjusting the several artworks that were made in order to be printed with the new equipment, and so far I can say that the A320/A320Neo liveries have been adjusted, the A350 “generic” has been adjusted as well and now it is time to do the same for the rest of the A350 liveries. From there I hope to keep on creating new artworks for future aircraft models as well.

During the rest of this and the upcoming week, I will be working on an A320 finally wearing the Brussels Airlines colors as I wanted to make a “quick” build in order to do the final test with the decals on a model.
I can tell for sure that the decal can resist the 2k clear coats (but I think that is normal in all decals due the nature of this kind of clear coat) so I am sure they will work as all the other decals in the market regarding the clear coats/varnishes.

For this reason, projects such as the 747-8F are currently on pause for the next few days, but I am going to retake them once we start the next year.

I have set a goal to have completed the next Neo engine for around January-February. It will be the other variant, the LEAP 1A engine, which hopefully won’t give me as many headaches as the PW did.

These are the two first items I am going to be working on during the beginning of next year, and once completed I am going to be working on a series of new GSE models such as; the new cargo loader which will include the double sill, a new tug; the Charlette version and I am also going to make the hydrant truck. The 747-8F project also gives me the oportunity to create some other GSE items related to the cargo operations, so I expect to make new pellets/containers, dollies and transporters. Since the 747-8F will have the L1 door opened, I would also really like to work on boarding stairs vehicle.

I am not forgetting the long long project that the B737NG cockpit is, so I am taking this project step by step, considering every area a single model because there is a lot of detail to include and I don’t want to rush things as they have to be perfect. Such big projects require lots of planning and I have been able to see that I can’t do two big projects at the same time (747-8F / 737NG cockpit) so once I start the next GSE, I really hope I can work between these and the cockpit.

Livery decals have been on pause for a very long time due all the troubles I found in the way, but finally things are going alright and I do hope I can update the blog/store regularly with new liveries.


Thank you all so very much for your time reading my usual long posts and for trusting in the items I make. I put all my effort in them and I really hope that all of you like them and cherish them as I do, there is always this special feeling knowing that a little piece of me is around the world being in good company with all your models.

Wish you all a very nice entry to the next year, and see you soon on 2019!

Best wishes,