Updated country list


This is just a quick update to inform that countries have been added to the store where it was not possible to ship items before:

Afghanistan, American samoa, Andorra, Bhután, French polynesia, Guam, Guernsey, Iraq, Ivory coast, Jersey, Maldives, Marshall islands, Mayotte, Mexico, Micronesia, Mongolia, Nepal, Niue island, Norfolk island, Palestinan territories, Saint pierre and miquelon, San marino, Sierra leone, Somalia, Tokelau, Tonga, Turkmenistan, Tuvalu, Virgin islands (usa), Wallis and fortuna and Yemen. Users will now be able to register a shipping address with these countries.

At the same time I want to take this chance to comment that I was able to advance further with the B747-8F/-400F cargo set and that I plan to upload more information about this and the LEAP engines this weekend.

I’ve been continously working and testing the decals and came to the conclusion that it wasn’t viable to print two layers in two separate prints. Some tests came out very well, but the success rate was low and thus I decided to include the white decals in a separate sheet and provide two or more white decals when white is placed on dark surface. With a recent test on a black surface I was able to see that with two white decal layers, white was bright and opaque. More info on this coming up soon as I will restock the catalogue during the middle of next week.
In the meanwhile projects that I almost completed are; A320N Frontier N301FR (LEAP), China Southern A320N (PW), Philippines A350 “Love”. Currently also working on all A350 sharklet livery decals for the new sharklets.
These and other new liveries will be available on next month as “April” releases.

Also I updated the shipping info page and removed the “7 day preparation time” in some cases for the decals. They won’t require that time period and will have a maximum of 3 days preparation prior shipping, same rules applied from the other items at the store as usual since they are all shipped from my location.

Best wishes,