747-8F / 747-400F – Working with the deck (6)

Good afternoon,

The rear section of the cargo deck is finally done, adjusted into place and also a new middle rib was made (since I wasn’t happy with the result of the previous one), this rib holds into place the edges of the middle and rear deck.

Everything is done so that everything can be mounted and fitted together. The rear deck has two beams where the final rib gets into place, this way the deck, once fitted together, won’t have other position than that.

I am planning some changes in the schedule, so I will dedicate more time with these projects. It all looks plain and dull and empty so far, but that is the required base for the detail. I expect to make a initial cast of the entire deck to make it as finished in order to see what the detail and color would be.

Notice on the “mouth” photo, the left sidewall (looking from the front) has the edge smoothened whereas the right side still has the plastic edge which will be covered with putty and sanded soon.

Next step; continue with the ceiling.

I want to take this chance with this post and say that I am currently working on the livery decals. They are not available as I am waiting for material and I am taking this time to do some improvements. I am working into making the white more opaque for certain decals, thus there should be no need to put 3 or 4 layers of them, another area I am experimenting with is mixing color decals with white decals, this is a very big challenge for me right now and still can’t do many tests due lack of material (still on its way). I will decide what to do once I experimented a little bit more with this because if I think I can present something better, then it is worth the time.

Best wishes,